The Art of Feminine Power Book

The Art of Feminine Power

A Handbook for Spirited Women Who Want to Make A Difference

“You are a women among women, a canny fighter, and a steely sovereign –where you take out what you want from and into your life remembering each night is as important as every other night, each day is yours for the taking” – Harriett Rubin

You may be sitting somewhere safe and secure silently hearing a whisper.  You sense there is more.  You want to caress the spirit of your life, even if those in your life don’t understand your longing.

You’re ready to overcome the tribulations that you face, the way the young princess of the Florentine era were desperate to achieve.

Become the Magnificent Creator You Are

Do you ever feel there’s no room for you in your market space?    That all of the best ideas have been taken and are being implemented by your competition, leaving no room for you?

Do you think that you need to be somebody else in order to be successful?  Think about all the identities you have created to supposedly ensure your success.

Have you ever had a person or situation in your life that is difficult, frustrating, even enraging?

Do you ever fear that you have nothing new to say, or wonder who would listen to you?

Katherine Ann Ports said it best: “What a man did only for God, a woman did always for a man” But now the you can do this for yourself using 18 Powerful Secrets to unlock that Inner Essence. The Art of Feminine Power within.

As you journey through this book you will understand and experience what it means to have the true clarity, confidence and certainty to make an impact on the world and the people you touch.

Each secret is designed to awaken your inner soul and genius.

My inspiration to write this book came from the book ‘Princessa’ by Harriet Rubin. Rubin was inspired by Machiavelli’s Prince (written in 1512). My goal was to bring forward the spirit and essence of this magnificent work in today’s terms, preserving the ideas, and the spirit in which it was written.

The Art of Feminine Power

A Handbook  for Spirited Women who Want to Make A Difference

This book is not about crushing your spirit or controlling others to achieve your aims, but for you to rest in the intimacy of knowing yourself and holding the power that will ultimately mend the conflicts that are held within you.

It brings together your vision, your innovation and your decision to make a difference.

Your determination will carry you through good times and bad. This is about becoming a larger than life

 “A princessa has to destroy the half dead things in her life, the way a forest destroys the barren ground, preparing for new growth.”

Harriet Rubin

I almost forgot to mention:

The hard cover book includes a CD workbook that you can download lesson by lesson where you can write notes and answers, and yes I recommend that you get a notebook as well.

At the end of the book there is a quick review guide written with the key points of every lesson as a reminder of Standing in your Magnificence PLUS a meditation audio to guide you into Standing in Your Power

Are you ready to make a difference?

Get The Art of Feminine Power and Understand the Energy of the Feminine

The Art of Feminine Power

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