Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.Have Patience and Faith and it will unfold as it should!

Many of the women  I have worked with in business have great intentions of doing the work they love to do but are failing to attract the money they want in their business.

Working in their business is fun, but what was empty, money?

Doing what you love – you often will say to yourself  that being a healer, coach, counselor or other service professional that you want to to help and transform the planet.  This is very NOBLE!  But at the same time, unconsciously or not, you may be saying that you actually have to starve yourself to do that.  I want to you know that you can release this belief very fast as it is very demoralizing

To work hard and to not pay your bills is soooooooooooo intimidating.   But what is it that stops you from getting past this ..?

if you are really confused I am so confused – because every pro and con – fear –  objection you have about earning money-    through to the kitchen sink is going to stop you.

There are so many of you who  believe you have do this do alone.  Trust me, I have help and know that investing in oneself really will shift your thinking and change your beliefs.  Not overnight, because really how long did it take you to get there.  These beliefs can be transformed to getting what you want!

We all need some support in this process. AND I cannot recommend highly enough to get some support along your journey.

Get some support to help you get through the road blocks , obligations, and I encourage You to have some quiet time for yourself.  Remember what you love to do, get excited about what you do, in that enthusiasm is the seed to where you will find what lights you up inside.

Lastly, I have  a question for you, if you could have a private conversation with me, what two questions would you like to ask me?  Send me your questions to [email protected] or post a note below.

I would love to hear about your experiences.