A colleague I spoke with recently told me how she just was really stuck in her business and just couldn’t get beyond a certain point.  She told me about how deeply intuitive she was with regard to other people and how they should progress in life and business but just couldn’t make it work out for herself.

Often in life as a sensitive we are to others and as we come across the circumstances where we can so clearly see a way forward for everyone else we often are clouded to define it for ourselves.   Whenever I see this happen, I call it the  with neither one talking to the other. One aspect of ourselves powers over the other and eventually show up in the outer world in our relationships, business, financials, and career.   She won’t communicate’; ‘she won’t say what she desires’. This is a typical scenario depicting the separation between the head and the heart.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we can confuse things, or sometimes we are looking in the wrong direction. When the head and heart are listening to each other things can bother you will melt away to be replaced with a general sense of calm and ease. By combining head thinking and heart thinking energy we can easily find a solution to a problem and experience the transformative nature of our own spirit in our everyday life. That’s when we can realise our soul’s true path for us.  This is where the opportuniiteis to challenge our core beliefs will abound and, slowly but surely. Fear in all areas will begin to dissolve.

I know, I know, feeling can sometimes be quite vulnerable.  Okay, I agree AND that vulnerability can be a welcoming and the door to open grand new opportunities and infinite possibilities.   Or we can get stuck in our head and shut the door to what is.  Change is often uncomfortable BUT If you stay in your comfort zone, you’ll will have a tendancy to fall asleep and let life pass you by!

As for my colleague I spoke of earlier: we ended our session by my telling her all about what her heart thinking wanted and the conflict it was experiencing. Her head knew what it wanted, she  just hadn’t consulted the rest of herself. She needed to listen to her head and his heart together. She looked bemused, lost even. Her head thiinking was struggling to process what I was saying. However, her boyfriend, who was standing next to her, nodded enthusiastically. ‘Yes, yes, that’s exactly what she needs to do; she just doesn’t know it’.   Listen to your intuition.  It knows you better than you do.

The next time you have an important decision to make, listen to BOTH your head and your heart. Listen to thes sense of both, whether both agree on your options, or how one can compromise with the other. Magically you will see your outer relationships with partner, friends and family improve beyond what you imagined was possible. .

At the end of the day TRUST and have FAITH your inner world will feel calm and peaceful; your intuitive heart centered abilities know and will reach new heights

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