heart head emotions vs thinking

Heart vs Head

Our heart head are in conflict.

Which should we be listening to?  Both or either?

Sometimes there is this tremendous excitement working in such a trans-formative time, where our creative ideas and personal development are running parallel.

It seems the idea of how to think and how to ‘arrange’ our reality through rational thinking determines our success and ultimately the results of this planning are what is norm a –mainstream approach.

It is working?

Probably Not!

Napoleon Hill first said, “if you can conceive and believe, you can achieve”.  There has been many of us who have echoed that idea and presented their own version over the decades.

I feel though, that these concepts have come of age in a new way.  We are now experiencing the shifts in consciousness.  As a result, in our heart head the outcome shows up by what we are listening to.

Head Heart Conflict

♥Do you know the feeling when you know something in your heart?

♥When it just rings true for you?

♥How about the expression ‘change of heart’?

♥Well, I was going to do___________, but I had a change of heart.

Think about that for a minute. It really holds some weight for us. I maintain that the most powerful way to manifest your dreams, to be truly successful, is to feel and look for the answers in your heart.  Your heart is the assemblage point where your reality is really created.

Herein lies the answers.

Are you using our head more than our heart?  Do they run in parallel?

When you feel it in your heart, you know that’s it’s yours to do, that it’s right and it’s what you want, your next step is to move toward that feeling.

Then, you share that wisdom because that’s where you’ll find inspiration and enlightenment.  Understanding that this moves you forward and powers your dreams and goals – again, that which is YOURS to do.

When you experience that heartfelt ‘right-ness’ is when you should act.

Don’t worry about what others are doing, who else is doing what they’re doing.

Know that what you know in your heart is unique to you.

Know that you have something to offer that is the perfect fit for the people you are meant to serve and work with.

Believe in that truth and know that’s your inner compass, guiding you to greater fulfillment, joy and happiness.

They don’t teach this in school, but it’s something you absolutely will learn as you go.

Why not pay attention to it now, put your focus on the experience of asking in your heart what is right.  Accelerate your learning and your openness to taking a new path.