Heart and Business

heart and businessConnecting Heart and Business through Higher Guidance.

Connecting Heart and  Business is a journey that is both challenging and supportive. It requires the person to go on a journey, to face up to the wounds that stall us, explore the essence of its truth, find the options of the guidance and commit to steps that will serve the greater whole.

Connecting Heart and  Business brings together Joy, Growth and Freedom

You will learn to attract the right opportunities, and relationships so you can work less and bring more out into the world as a reflection of who you are.

You will become the best of yourself, in your life and/or business as you breakthrough the resistance.

The program gives you a heart based platform through a connection to your divine guidance.

Heart and Business requires a blend of strengthening our inner heart and spirit connection using this guidance to know what answers are truth and to make the choices that are right for you.  This guidance combines heart based strategies and business practices.


If this is your journey now, to create a heart centered business, now is the time to begin.  To build inner self-confidence, step into your power, come out of hiding and step out into the world in a much bigger and better way.

Step by Step programs uniquely to guide you to divine guidance.

Those who have benefited
Social and Spiritual Individuals who want to start new conscious ventures in the world.
Those in transition who want to re-invent themselves and create more meaning in their lives.
Experienced Conscious Heart-Centered Individuals who want to enjoy more balance, vibrancy and prosperity in their life.
Service Professionals who know that there is something more but just don’t know what to do.

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