Aligning with you Energy –  Your Divine Core Center with Your Heart and Chakras


A friend of mine uses a great phrase “what would love do here”? It’s a question you ask when you’re tempted to be angry, or frustrated or feel you can’t trust your instincts.  This is all about giving yourself permission to have what you want – to Awaken Your Heart to Your Higher Purpose..

Your heart is where you are keyed into warmth, generosity, abundance, happiness and the ‘bigger you’. It’s a great place to live and we could all do with living there more.

Love would be kind and generous of spirit, never small minded or vengeful

How can you bring more love and heart into your life? Do you often compartmentalize your work?  Think more than feel where you come from your intellect?  Being vulnerable and open scares you? What if you could change that? What results might you realize? Would you be happier? More at peace? More prosperous as a result?

Giving and receiving are powerful influences. For most of us – especially women – find it is easier to give than it is to receive. Why? We spend more time reflecting on whether what feels right or now.

Beyond our Thoughts and Intuition

Living life from an open heart bring joy. It is the realization that our heart energy (love) is not reserved for just special moments.  When we work with our heart an open to the love of the Divine, we become less and less bothered by the idiosyncrasies and differences in people.   We become more accepting of shortcomings of ourselves as well as in others.

Working with divine guidance is mostly about forgiveness.  Working and aligning to your heart, improves our ability to diminish old patterns of negativity and open with love, humbleness and gratitude.

It is the beginning of connecting to your higher source.  By learning open heart exercises you cleanse, open and strength your love receiving and accepting who you are.


Knowing and trusting what is in your heart in what you’re doing really matters. 

It is about how you feel – about how becoming the unique you. 

 Regardless of where you are, whether you are over-working, over committing, treading water or just looking for ways to re-energize, connecting with the brilliance that is in you, you with have more confidence and clarity to design a life that inspires you and those around you!

Gregg Bradden states Through his skillful synthesis of easy-to-understand science and real-life circumstances you will uniquely provides the answer, describing:

  • State-of-the-art discoveries that are the key to embracing big change in a healthy way
  • The three shifts that will transform the way you think of your career, lifestyle, and finances
  • The simple strategies of heart-based resilience that you can learn and use immediately for optimal health in our stressful world
  • A template of strategies for resilient living for your family and community . . . and much more.

heart open heart awaken your heart feeling of love open heart energy

How do you know you heart is open?

You will experience feeling of love, peace, calmness, happiness and joy.  When you experience any of these feeling, your heart expands, and you will feel lighter.  If you are sensitive,  you will actually feel you heart growing stronger.  This is a wonder indication of enjoying the real feeling of love.

This online program will help you to reconnect to your inner divine core center – your spiritual heart -allowing you to follow the changes in  your feelings.  Your soul divine connection to purpose and a  source that knows you and supports you in the development of your life in this time and beyond.

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