KeepyourheadupyourheartstrongWhen you come from that deep feeling place in your heart, you will take action that is inspirational where you will feel lighter and open to opportunities.

You get answers in a way that are different.  Our brain normally just listens, thinks, processes, seeks and gives us the response.  Our heart is open and just receives.

Moments when we are within our heart, we are just letting our heart do the work.

Do you know those moments when ‘it’ – life, work, everything you are in engaged.  It feels like play rather than work? We are allowing the embrace of our heart  and wonderful things to occur.

Some think that it doesn’t matter what they do to satisfy their  desires as long as they can avoid being criticized and shamed by others.

Some do not believe that they will survive longer than this lifetime and will do anything and everything to gratify their life with external personal pleasures and avoid incidences that will crumble their mission.

I do believe, that right now, right here, we all have within us, everything that we need to live harmoniously and joyfully.

When you live from and in the heart of inspiration,  every action you take has a different force and delivers an increased sense of confidence and well-being. You feel bigger, lighter, clear and open and you easily share your skills and talents with the world.

It’s a beautiful circle of expression and energy. You easily create the lifestyle you desire and you release feelings of  frustration and guilt.

Strengthening our Heart

The heart of inspiration is about  accessing that truth and beauty and believing it – or allowing ourselves to FEEL it – about and for ourselves, YET herein lies the challenge.  We have become so disconnected from ourselves, that to go back to the feelings of pure joy has become crushed within the soul of who we really are.

It takes practice to strengthen our hearts and to bring back the lightness joy once experience.  Our heart is the key to calmness, peacefulness, health and spiritual growth.  It is the reflection of our whole self and our whole life.  It is the channel where true inspired actions are taken.

If you trust your heart to be your guide, letting it show you how to set and have expectations, you’ll find it all flows more easily. This is true of how you see and experience self, life and business.

It’s about deciding to make this year, this season, right now the one in which you achieve. Why not you? Really. Truly. Why. Not. YOU.

This is NOT about playing small. Absorb these words:

“However glorious an action in itself, it ought not to pass for great if it be not the effect of wisdom and intention.”

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Here are a few more things you may want to consider:

  • What it would be like for you to live from the heart in your business?

  • Have you ever had someone tell you about what they do and you felt inspired and alive hearing about their passion, interest and joy?

  • Did you feel their intention and commitment?

  • Is it not time to be honest and face and conquer the dragon within?

Find that feeling and remember it in your body so you can access it every moment of every day.

If you can bring yourself to feel that feeling of inspiration from the heart, you can recreate that for yourself, over and over again. By doing so, you make it your reality. Live from your heart, take the risk. I’m right here beside you. Let’s do our best, globally.