higher purpose and certaintyHigher Purpose creating a level of Certainty?

Let’s start here:

Yes, we are in challenging times with decisions to be made ones and we make them because they feel right.  Like you, I too made decisions that felt right though not always the best ones.

The secret to move forward and making life the best we can isn’t all about just understanding know-how, plans and strategic systems – it’s a lot deeper than that.

Being a slight rebel, although often there is some certainty,  found normal practices boring and troublesome.

There had to be way.  Somewhere outside of what we are taught in schools where it is and how we can find this.

Being fortunate, I was able to tap into my higher guidance and use my guide in help to make decisions about what do and where to go, even on how to write.

There was never any focus on what one should be “doing” but how  to be in life, or how to interact with others.

Working with this awareness of having a guide that is known only to you,  you step outside oneself;  out of the of egoic intentions, allowing the full integration of higher purpose, where to go, who to be.  Doing so, totally brings together all the tools to live a live  to achieve success,  enjoyment and peace.

So what happened when I just let go of the idea after spending over $100k of learning, tools, education and more.   You just learn to throw it out window(!)  Did I have regrets?  No!

What this gives is a renewed passion and stronger sense of higher purpose toward who I am and who to be in my work and life.


The key is integrating yourself with your higher guidance – your higher purpose.  The reason you are here is a process and of course takes some training, although easy.

There is a reason really and once you carry this out into the real world, you can heal yourself on all levels.

When you dismiss the chance to connect with your higher guidance (if you want to call this spirituality so bit it) feelings of being out of alignment, breakdowns happen, the mess happens, the stress happens and the strife happens.

When you are a path of knowing clearly what is for you and you alone,  being in  your own truth, whatever situation, you will know how to handle it in a way that feels good and teaches you something along the way.  The opposite happens of above diminishes.

Integrating life with your higher purpose and trusting this guidance takes a lot of courage, confidence and trust. It is not about the best strategy or the best system or the best books or scholars or teachers.

It’s about the best way to be yourself , and knowing it is best for you and you alone.

It’s not about doing, it’s about being. And when you are “being,” the doing comes with grace, ease and joy.

There is balance that comes when you connect to your higher guidance and understanding you are here on  purpose.  Trusting that this is for you.

The result will be a life where you feel total alignment in all areas.  You will have a flow of energy, a flow of time and you will want to go to experience everyday with a welcoming.

When you look at your day and think about what you will do, you will be excited and joyful.

Your life will be the best way it is meant to be and the possibilities are shown. But most important is that you will trust yourself and know yourself. You will know how to be yourself in your life, and have the answer that will yield unimaginable results.

When you blend practical know how with ability, systems and knowledge and the support of your higher guidance you will create a life of joy and peace.

This firmly plants you in knowing that your life in this time.  It IS your gift, message and mission.  Refuse to settle for anything less than fully expressing your higher purpose to the world.