holistic businessMany women in holistic business have great intentions of doing the work they love  – to bring in a second income or to be able to create the lifestyle so deserved and to be of service.

BUT and this is a BIG BUT are failing to attract the results they deserve and the right people for the value offered in their business.

If you say you are a ‘personal coach’ or ‘I’m a massage therapist‘ you begin to label yourself into a commodity.  On the other hand if you tell a person your purpose and who you are to serve you make yourself unique.  This is how you can stand out.

Your Deepest Intention

Yet even with your deepest intention to attain your dream, your wish and what you want for yourself you can’t fast track it either.  It requires patience, faith, unruly confidence and determination.Nothing else matters! or will take you forward.

Been there Done That!

Working on a holistic business takes time, and energy!

You know this and as you have taken many programs for business and marketing doing all that strategic stuff do you ever wonder why the results you want never came back in,  for all that effort.  It just didn’t equal the time + effort = income.

What slipped up?

Working on your holistic business is fun, but it returned empty!?

Doing what you love – you may often say to yourself  as a healer, coach, counselor or other service professional that you are doing this to help, to make it easier for others or maybe even to help transform the planet.  This is very NOBLE!

But at the same time, unconsciously or not, you may be saying that you actually have to starve yourself to do that because money isn’t spiritual or the value you place on your work is greater than the value in price.

To work hard and to not pay your bills is soooooooooooo intimidating and stressful!. But what is it that stops you from getting past this ..? Are your anxious and stressed?

Your story can propel or repel what comes in. 

If you are really confused about why you work so hard with little return, than I am so confused – because every pro and con – fear –  objection you have about earning money and offering value- through to the kitchen sink is going to stop you.  I want to you know that you can release this belief very fast as it is very demoralizing

There is a lot to understand.  The one thing that I DO know from experience is that faith alone will not turn our passions into income; nor the belief that taking all the creative strategic steps will get you there.

It is always without a doubt a combination of persistence, patience, inspire action coupled with the unruly confidence, determination and positive focus.

Balancing this is the key.

The people you say that you can do it fast and easy; earn that big six figure income in the first year – it’s crap – truly – not from what I know unless you have people to help you.

You don’t know their story or the journey they have taken to create that six figure income.  It may have taken them 5-10 years to get there.    So why do you end of putting greater belief in them than you!

You have to clear out the cob webs first that may be clouding your progress.  Then find the right people to work with and watch how receptive others will be to spending more time and money with you.

I bet you are thinking  NO WAY – look at all those programs out there that say you can have it all NOW!  Really?   Rewrite your own Story!

I have help and know that investing in myself over the last 20 years really shifted by beliefs and attitudes to having what I want and it is happening!.  Maybe not the 20 years, or overnight,   but it has.

Really how long did it take you to get where you are? 

Your beliefs can be transformed to getting what you want!  This is the underlying principle behind the ‘Secret‘ and the ‘Law of Attraction‘ principles.  You cannot see your blind spots and may need some support in this process.

AND I cannot recommend highly enough to get some support along your journey.  Get some support to help you get through the road blocks , obligations, and I encourage You to have some quiet time for yourself.

Tired, Exhausted, Stressed?

Remember what you love to do, and get excited about is grand and NOBLE , and in that enthusiasm is the seed to where you will find what lights you up inside – now it’s time crush those inner saboteurs and watch the world around you change!

Someone to help you to craft the path to least resistance, decode the belief that hold you back and move you from a commodity to a service where you will stand out.

Maybe now is the time for you?