Transforming Your Life and Business

There are different aspects to each of my programs, to keep my clients focused and learning as they let go of limiting believes that are controlling their outcomes.  Using with a blend of leading edge transformational techniques that include  the Heart Centered Coaching EFT and NLP combined with Accelerated Connecting Heart and Business Techniques creates a formula that will support you throughout your life and your business.

This is how it goes for the clients who commit to working with me. I offer transformational programs that empower people to move FORWARD into Success that Counts. I help people find that unique angle that makes their business soar.

The work includes one-on-one programs, training modules, webinars and workshops.  One-on-one sessions are held either in person (if you are local to Denver), or via phone or Skype.  As long as you are committed to your success, we will achieve  breakthroughs.

Techniques and Tools

Heart Centered Coaching and Mentoring

We all have a heart and often we don’t listen to what it is really asking for.  Our daily lives are full of competing needs and tasks that we want to complete battling to get our attention.  And yet, the only way to consistently meet those needs is to remember and stay connected to our heart, our inner essence.Listening to and awakening the heart, asking the right questions, integration of each part of us alivens the spirit to attracting more of what we desire and less of what we don’t.

You will be using techniques that will help you to identify the areas of your life and business where you don’t often feel peaceful.     Eradicating  limitation and listening to your heart allows you to connect with the feelings of discomfort and undesirables  – those icky feelings and connect with your inner essence to find the solution.

The awakening the heart process of  “inner dialogue and meditation”  combined with the methods below create changes my clients have been most seeking.      I teach my clients the art of these techniques, so they can use them at home.  These methods will  apply to every single part of your everyday life, at home, family, relationships and business.  If you commit to using these practices daily, I guarantee that you will have the results you seek.

Law of Attraction

With the Law of Attraction which is the Science of getting what you want and more of it and less of what you don’t, I show my clients  the ‘how to’ of attracting their hopes, dreams, aspirations and desire.

My clients learn to use the Law of Attraction for their own lives and business, to be consciously aware enabling them to dismiss negativity into their lives and attract positive up-lifting experiences.

NLP Parts Integration

NLP Parts integration is a techniques for allowing the integrity of a person to become aligned. The more a human being works as an integrated until, like a university where all the different factions need to be working from the same page called education. This is part one with mostly theory. If you want the demo, go to part two and don’t miss the ending – it’s where it all comes together!

Everything is Energy_EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT is a fantastic tool for business

It is a valuable tool to assist you in  achieving your goals and business aspirations.   Focusing on a plan is essential – often there are hidden beliefs below the surface. EFT will uncover any confidence issues or limiting beliefs and work with you and your teams ideas and values that will come as a result.

Emotional Freedom Techniques that will clear any blocked and emotional charge (negative feelings/thoughts) that may be preventing you from getting where you want to be.  When we have blocked, scrambled, stuffed and damaged beliefs our energy flow and systems will slow, and we can not achieve the full potential so deserving of us.  

EFT is an incredible aid to removng subconscious and super conscious blocks,  where you will gain insights and make connections –you will improve your focus and awareness.  AND EFT, properly done, is offered can be considered as a primary tool for releasing the barriers to spiritual evolvement. “Gary Craig”

Learning to use NLP and EFT enables you to see from everyone’s viewpoint so you can rise above situations and find resolutions with more ease.

Using Heart Centered Coaching, combined with EFT and NLP will give you more of what you want and less of the bumps and the bounces.

All of my services utilize my training and years of experience to achieve the results you want. We’re going to wake you up from within, and you’ll make clear, positive, and measurable breakthroughs and success.

The first step is always the same, however – let’s talk. You and I, one-on-one. No obligation, and no pressure. Let’s make sure we’re right for each other. Then (and only then) will we discuss different packages,programs, fees, etc.



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