WhitsunDo you have vibrational clutter?  There’s a good possibility it’s in the way of attracting exactly what you want. We all know how clutter feels. Disorienting. Overwhelming. Too busy.

How would you feel if you could go from clutter to clarity? How often do you feel drained by how much you have to do. Do you have a list that only gets longer and feels like your boss instead of your liberator? If you’re in business, I’m sure this resonates with you.

Think about how you space feels when it’s cluttered. Whether it your house, your office, your desk, your car, the garage, your kitchen – you name it, the clutter makes you feel tired and disorganized. It impedes flow. Vibrational clutter is the emotional and psychological noise that keeps you from feeling calm, peaceful and together.

When your mind is cluttered, your vibration is cluttered.  Dare I say messy? When you’re constantly worrying about all the stuff that you have to do, all the projects piling up that you don’t when you’ll get to or all the stuff at home that’s still to do, you start to feel tired, you might even lose sleep (and feel more tired and cluttered – bad plan all around).

Did you ever have a business meeting where you weren’t focused or present because you are worried about something that needs to get done at home? Or the other way around? You should be enjoying your family or your partner, but your mind is at work? The busy ‘static’ in your mind keeps you from having what you want. When you can focus and be present, you experience clarity. You start to create a clear frequency free of clutter.

When this happens you become crystal clear and sense that feeling in your core.  You are free from all the stuff that needs to be done. It’s a bit like meditation or sitting in silence.  No words – no mantras – no thoughts just SILENCE.  We all need this so we can clearly communicate our desires to our minds and to the universe. The universe can connect through the uncluttered vibration and say “hey I hear you!”

When your vibration is one of anxiousness, busyness, or worry, there is in essence, no clear connection. You are communicating through static and noise. Your vibration is scattered, you feel disconnected and guess what?  You don’t get what you want. Makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Clear up your vibration and get to the clarity at your core. You’ll be clear on what you want, you’ll feel inspired to do what you love and getting tasks becomes easier. Yes, there is so much to do.  Decide what comes first. Prioritize. Know that you can’t do everything now. Give yourself some space and create peace of mind and you’ll find that everything starts to flow.