human blueprint

Human blueprint?  Cracking open a nut?  What does this have to do with both of these?


Speaking of metaphor, spending quite some time on a macadamia farm. Here it all begins with the picking.

One nut two nuts off the ground. Next, time to get to sorting all the nuts, from the good to the bad.

A newly cracked now now reveals?

When you crack the nutshell, it’s like revealing a small mystery, discovering what’s inside. There is it – pure and unblemished – a perfect, beautiful nut. It’s unblemished, it’s brand new and being exactly what it is meant to be.

In many ways, you are the same as that nut – inside, the mystery of you is the pure, unblemished you. The DNA of the YOU that you were born to be. The seed was planted – literally – and you were born. I believe we’re born knowing who we are and why we’re here. There is so much innate wisdom.

It seem this challenge is where we’re subjected to our human blueprint. Perfect little beings being imprinted with all the stories that have gone before. All the fears and hopes and reasons why and why not. People raise us who are like all of us – imperfect.

However, up to about the age of five, you remembered your creative soul, you were that creative soul. Your spirit was alive and calling out to the world all the things you loved.

Here is where our human blueprint begins.

Do you remember?

Do you see it when you watch children playing with abandon, their limitless imaginations dreaming and scheming and finding true pleasure in the moment?  As a result, we go off to school to be trained how to live in the social world.

Hence, a good part of our school careers now are spending time unlearning our uniqueness and learning that fitting in is valued by society.

Being different is scary – terrifying even. You graduate and things lighten up a little bit in terms of expectation, yet you’re still you and you’ve still been trained to be part of the big picture – the world at large.

Still, you believe there was more.  You believe in finding fulfillment, doing good, helping others, being a positive force in the world.  You want to make a difference. Yet, you still find it hard to let us ourselves lean deeply into our own individuality.

If you could remember or stay in touch with that childlike open spirit, things would flow more smoothly and you’d enjoy your days more too.

When our eyes are open, suddenly we see there are lessons everywhere, don’t you find?

Furthermore, the more I realize that and think about it, the more I start seeing the metaphor in everything.

I love seeing that, because what it tells me is the message is there and so much has to do with our perspective and our willingness to be open.

Paying attention in our multi-tasking culture gets harder all the time.

Is this possible? To have the quiet?  To look deep inside?  And if so, how do you get there?

Who Are You?

Really, the answers are simple….they may even be questions!