Inner Voice successWhat does humility and listening to our inner voice have to do with success?

When we think about success, goals, desires, we wonder, we ask questions, we get curious.

Some of the questions that bubble up are:

  • Is there a secret?
  • What does it take?
  • Do you have to want it enough? Too much? So much?
  • Does it take discipline?
  • Is it innate?
  • Where can it be learned?
  • Achievable?
  • How?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Where can I find the right answers?
  • Is there only one secret?
  • Are there many?
  • When do I choose?
  • How do I know?

No matter how many skills we have acquired, the discipline to nurture and develop our talent, to accept that we have talent and we also need to learn how to listen. To our inner voice as well as the outer voices acting in our best interest.

It takes humility to hear our inner voice

It takes humility and that can be harder than finding the dream or having the discipline to pursue it!

You need humility to get advice and humility to be open enough to receive and really benefit from it.

You seek the engagement of coaches and a support team – yet are you really open to what they contribute.   There is a willingness to test and explore new possibilities. And that really tough one.  Admitting to yourself and others you don’t know everything and you also need help and support take humility!

Around it goes…

It is hard for us to get still and listen. Why? We’re busy, we have a lot on our plates, we have people who need us, we have work to get to, and places to go.

There is a practice to sit quietly.  Meditating for hours is not always the answer as answers can come quickly.  It with humility and compassion frees us to hear.

Nurturing our inner voice

Yet, with all that drive and ambition surely you hold, there is the inner voice that escapes us.  Our inner self, our very soul left behind needing nurturing – needing to be heard. You can achieve any level of success you want once you open to hear the true pathway.

The one thing  is a thread in all the success literature is a way to go inside, go deep and believe in yourself.  Furthermore, from readings of  successful people, will tell you they’ve got a way to tap into their inner wisdom. And so must you, and I, and all of us.

We  are more powerful than we know and move more quickly than we should. Taking the time to settle your mind, listen to the quiet within will actually help you achieve more than all the running we’re doing.

Take some time for you. Practice with persistence.  Improve your questions. Find the answers within. Listen to the inner voice within you.

Blessings on your journey.