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Inner Ecology

Inner Ecology

Just as important it is to have balance and harmony in nature for a healthy thriving physical ecology, it is equally important to have balance and harmony.   in your ‘inner ecology’ or your interior landscape balance and harmony is present breeds attraction, appreciation, respect.  This inner ecology promotes a positive and long lasting relationship with you and your relationships.

Having a balanced inner ecology is often what is missing in our lives and in our business.  As we move through this trans-formative times, where change, destruction, poverty and more is present, our spiritual heart breaks open.

    This pouring of your heart into life can bring sheer joy of  love and sharing, which creates the kind of environment we love to have.  What happens when the balance of our inner ecology cracks.


Your inner ecology or in other words congruence is balance between what you do and what makes you bring to the world  Who you are and how well do you truly know thyself. 

What are you putting attention to?

Are you following your dreams? or others?  

What are you passionate about?  or Afraid of?

The more you understand what makes you tick, where you are putting your attention and presence, you will inner ecology comes into balance.

Presence and congruence

This presence and availability of congruence with you and your in your daily life energizes those around you and produces a harmonious environment that is harmonious with your passion. 

Your energy flow must be congruent in order for you to attract and stimulate your dreams and passions.  This inner congruence stimulates your energy, inspiration, collaboration, honesty and self-confidence to grow your business.

Yes, there is poverty and those suffering. 

What I have found the concept of survival often relating to money does not come into the equation.  Why?  There is an in-congruence between making a contribution, our feelings, beliefs and thoughts and spirituality.    So much of our seeking to make contribution I wonder is we are focusing our attention correctly.

Yes there are doubts, fear and vulnerabilities which then can disrupt your life.  If you focus is on saving the world, this cannot be done unless your own flow and congruence balances.

Dreams are like seeds

How much do you believe in your dreams.  Dreams are like the seeds and water are the actions to cultivate the seeds.  Are you feeding your dreams or covering them with fear and doubt? 

  • When you think about this what feelings come up for your?    
  • How much of this harmony are you actually practicing in your own daily life?

Cultivate your own natural wisdom and have the faith in yourself.  Let go of resentments that no longer serve you. Handle what is happening now and take the next step closer. 

Trust this and make sure you take it whatever the next step is.

By getting to know yourself better and your inner ecology,  you start to see the transformation yourself.   You will have greater access to the wealth of natural wisdom that is within you and guides you on your personal soul journey.