Love & MathematicsFor many, the teachings of the Law of Attraction have been interpreted as simply having a desire and then waiting for it to show up. Those of us who have been involved in personal growth have also been taught that you must take “massive action” to ensure results. So which is it, frantically running around making things happen or sitting back and dreaming your desires into reality?

It’s neither. Everything is based in the energy behind what you do and why you do it. If your actions are driven from the fear of failure, you’ll attract more struggle and failure. If you sit around dreaming up ideal outcomes and then worry about how and when it will happen, you’re equally resistant to those desired outcomes.

The Universe is matching and mirroring back the energy you’re transmitting. You can’t say “I want the love of my dreams” and complain about how all the good ones are taken. The Universal language is not English, Spanish, German or French – it’s energy.

Taking massive action without alignment takes a long time and it’s hard work. Thinking your desires into place with no action is not practical. When you think about what you want, why you want it, and how it will feel once you have it, you’ll be propelled into aligned action. The actions may be subtle. You may not even recognize them as inspired or aligned actions. But you will be inspired to action. You may even be inspired to massive action. When you feel great and take massive action, you’re bound to create great results.

Are you wondering “Why isn’t it working for me?” It’s most likely because you have some resistance in place. Listen very closely to that inner voice when you state your desire. Are you hearing it say: “Yeah, but I’ve never done that before. What makes me think I can do that?” That’s the voice of resistance. It’s just information letting you know that you’ve got some limiting beliefs in the way.