Intuition or Something Else

28 August

Lost headIntuition or Something Else?

Where has it gone?  We often keep asking ourselves

We all lose things – our keys, a piece of paper, a book – something you had a minute ago and it seems to be gone, even if you haven’t moved. You know what I’m referring to, I’m certain.

Did you ever consider that the thing isn’t lost – IT knows where IT is, it’s just not evident to you? I know, it’s a different and perhaps strange way of looking at something, but it’s true.

When you misplace something and you get quiet and focus on what you know about it- its shape, its weight, any detail that allows you to relax and focus in, you often get a message about where the thing might be. People have used this successfully to locate lost objects – it’s the beginning of the skill that high-level initiative people use to find missing objects, pets or sometimes people.

A woman who worked for several internationally renowned intelligence agencies  told her that this was how the beginning of searches often began. Someone would describe what was either missing or they you’re looking for. It was very important NOT to identify the details exactly, but rather to describe the thing.

The Cosmic and the Unseen

If you’re slightly skeptical about intuition, you wouldn’t be alone. Or even using your own inner knowing.  This is even stronger.  Greater than intuition which is often described as a gut reaction and the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Even people who have experienced it tend to think it was a momentary phenomenon, not something that can be recaptured and perfected. Think about other things you can’t see but experience – gravity say, or air. Just some food for thought!

Your inner knowing, inner truth is likened to what Ghandi was once asked “where are you going to get the money?” to which he replied “from where it is right now”.  So where did he get his answers.  Is there something greater that you have yet to tap into.

Yet Ghandi tapped into that part of himself that knows everything  = maybe even greater than intuition.

♥every thought you’ve ever had,
♥every experience you’ve lived,
♥every incarnation in which you’ve participated,
♥all the way back to the beginning of your soul’s path.

This statement implies a knowing that the thing – money in this case – exists, but it just needs to make itself known to us so you can avail ourselves of it and put it to use. You all accept some things that you can’t see or aren’t sure of.

It’s part of the mystery of the universe and you are a highly evolved creation capable of mysterious and wonderful things. If they don’t apply to our everyday lives in our culture, they can sometimes get ignored or even dismissed, but how great to tune into our every possibility and cultivate our inner knowing!

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