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Embrace greater joy,  fulfillment and self empowerment path through Higher Guidance Coaching

Higher Purpose Coach

Higher Guidance Coach

What can be Expected from Higher Guidance Coaching?

You will have greater clarity of your life’s direction

You will understand what blocks stand in your way that are keeping you from your full potential

You will gain clarity in making important decisions

You will receive the exact understanding of all the limiting beliefs that are holding your back and what to do to change.

You will discover a deeper connection to the Divine (or what name you choose)

You will have greater peace and happiness

Higher Guidance coaching is a unique way of coaching that ignites your inner truth.

This is a  process and identification that will deepen the  access to your TRUTH where you can will achieve inspired success, joy, creativity, and inner peace.

This one path will stretch and challenge you yet give you the courage to be bold beyond anything that you may have experienced. HIgher Purpose

You may have already started on your “Spiritual Path”   YET firmly believe that the resistance you’re experiencing at the moment is sprouting from an Energetic level (e.g. all the “mindset/personal development/NLP” stuff has got you where you are now…and now it’s time to go deeper in order create with far less of the pushing & fighting you’re creating and experiencing now). Soul Purpose  Higher Guidance The Truth

You don’t just want to be “healed” and told how to  live “Joyfully”.

You’re looking for a higher guidance unfolding where you can co-create from your higher guidance into the PHYSICAL world AND create abundance in all things (in FLOW).   higher purpose Higher Guidance The Truth

How might your life be different if you had a clear source of information that allowed you to know what to do and when to create the life you’re meant to live?

She does What?

“You are an AMAZING & PASSIONATE woman who I admire in many ways. Your ability to connect to source for energy is dynamic. Your powerful & heart-felt meditations changed my life in many ways and I am SOOOOO BLESSED to have worked  through this process as you INSPIRED me to shoot for the stars.

You work will  change many lives with your powerful energetic meditations and higher guidance coaching.

 You are persistent, focused and truly living your higher purpose and  will bring great inspiration to women all around the world on how to be purposeful, passionate through possibilities”.

Janelle Evans

What a Session will Reveal:

1. Direct Message from your Higher Guidance that your life is sending you

2. An exhilarating way to discovering your higher purpose

3. A path for greater peace joy happiness to live the life you dream of.

3. You will receive answers from your Higher Guidance that are unique to you not someone like you,

Your Session includes:

1. A soulful questionnaire. Good stuff happens simply from pondering these questions. I will spend a few minutes before our session reading and working with my higher guidance on your input.

2. A seventy-five minute session via a phone or Skype.

3.  An MP3 recording of the call sent via a downloadable link to you.

4.  The ability to book on going sessions with me a reduced rate.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

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