People to come toVoice of Higher Guidance coaching for many different reasons.

Often the jumping off point is the desire to learn more about yourself , or your business or wanting to deal with the issues we all have that are in the way of our success.

You will notice that most businesses grow in waves.

You achieve plateaus, you sometimes dip into valleys. Steady income and balancing time are issue we face.

Generally, if you’re not making the income you want, there are two tangible solutions – first is bringing in more clients, second is raising fees and bringing in more money with either your current client base or with new clients you attract.

Behind both strategies however, is YOU!

Your belief in what you do, your willingness to expand and grow and importantly, your willingness to play on your strengths and accept and work on your weaknesses.

We all have weak areas and we all experience fear.

The people who achieve greater success are the ones who develop methods for dealing with and overcoming their fears, dis-empowering beliefs, getting permission and a congruence of heart, soul and mind.

It takes practice, it takes techniques and often it takes a coach who is in your court, supporting you, kicking you in the backside some days when it’s needed and helping you look at the big picture that you can never see yourself.

It’s very easy to lose perspective on the things closest to us and that includes ourselves.

Our life changes for whatever reason.

We often don’t take the time to retool ourselves  and get fresh a perspective.

Do-ers are comfortable in activity and sometimes have difficulty when it’s time to reflect to fully understand what is really deep down not working.

The truth is these aspects of business are all challenging, and I did try to make them feel right.

The secret I learned  isn’t about business at all  and having the best strategic systems – it  became a whole lot deeper than that.

So what happened after I decided to fire myself from the old way of looking at business and tossed $40K of products in the rubbish?

Where did my  business and life gain a renewed passion and my profits increased.

The secret was to bring together what I knew of business and all the business qualifications I earned with my spiritual soul. (Higher Guidance)

Once accomplished, my business and life took on a whole different meaning on all levels.

When your business, life and spirituality are out of alignment, breakdowns happen, the mess happens, the strain and anxiety happens,  therefore strife happens.

When you are connected truly connected and discern what truth is and what is not, you will always have the answers to any given situation and how to handle it in a way that feels good and teaches you something along the way.

Integrating business with spirit (higher guidance) isn’t the easiest strategy or the easiest system or the easiest selling as it takes practice, persistence and patience.  BUT the rewards are great when this happens.

It’s about the best way to be YOU in Your business, the best way to BE in your business.

It really is about taking action, it’s about being.  And when you are “being” the action comes with grace, ease and joy.

There is a balance and a flow that comes when you are connected to your higher purpose while at the same time connected to your higher guidance.

The results will be a business where you feel total alignment in all areas; you will have flow of money, flow of time, and you will want to go to work every day.

When you look at your day and think about what you do, you will be excited and joyful.

Your business will be your life in the best way possible.

How does this relate to YOU?

Working through higher guidance give YOU  the best way to  trust yourself and know yourself.

You will know how to BE yourself in your business and that will yield unimaginable results.

Despite common ‘wisdom’ the answer doesn’t always lie in doing more or analyzing the individual pieces of business and to make an improvement.

Often it’s about the games we play within ourselves and learning how to step back, take a new view and taking your head out of the equation.

Yes, you do have the answers – maybe they live at the heart level and not in your head. That’s a good thing – really, it is!

I strive not to specialize in what is supposed to be done, but rather on how I am “being” in my life and business.

This gives me the permission to fully integrate my awareness and higher guidance tools into the way I run my business and achieve business peace.

I was really inspired by Harriet Rubin’s work The Princessa. It led me on my own personal quest, for myself and then with my clients. The result was a book called The Art of Feminine Power  (It’s for men too) and its’ purpose is  o help you get in touch with what you already know, deep in your heart and your soul and letting that wisdom guide and direct you to freedom – financial, emotional, psychological.

It’s my labor of love – take a look and see if it might be just what you need and send me your feedback – I’d love to hear what you think. Blessings on your journey.

AND if you want you can learn more about a different way to approach your business here Click here to learn more.