When you are in the business of spirituality, or  just going through the motions of living each day as it comes you are going to have to deal with money.  Money comes in and it goes out.  Without it you don’t have what you want whether it be material or spiritualy.  But it is never really about the MONEY is it!

The one thing that stops you from becoming weathy right now is your mindset and the belief that you can have what you desire.  Unless your beliefs change the flow of money will be always be interfered with.  You want it to buy things and the freedom it give us.   But here is the significant difference and the reason why most people never really get wealthy.

Like most of us we learnt in our childhood that money had to be socked away for a rainy day. And money does flow – a successful person once said ‘Money is meant to flow”.  It’s meant to come in and go out.  So if you are someone who is impeding the flow by your inner beliefs, thoughts and attitudes, then of course you will be impeding the outflow too, and the whole cycle is constricted.    The wealthy only know that money works if it stays in motion – not sitting in a bank account.  Wealth is a ongoing journey of growth and circulation, because if it is stopped the flow of money will end.

Does this mean that we have to have special skills and knowledge?  No but you do need to possess some key attributes to help you.

1.  You must have a willingness to listen to your heart?  If  you continue to listen to the masses and watch their strategies (it is theirs) the masses would be wealthy but they are not.  Follow what is right for you, eliminate what your head it telling you all the time.  AND if someone is telling you that they can help you become wealthy overnight, I would question that.

2.  Always act when opportunities arise.  It can be just a whisper that comes to you that is the one thing that can help most in the most difficult times.

3. It is a journey, not a destination.  You one day will arrive and then stop.  It is never accomplished overnight and if sometimes tells you they are fooling themselves.

If you become wealthy quickly, good on you, but you haven’t developed the mindset of what it is to be wealthy, to experience the freedom this can bring, you will lose it just as quickly.  Why?  Because they know what it is and what to do to get there.  Money is not something outside of you, it is what exists within you.  If you have the activities and hobbies that you love you can make these into a business if you choose to.  But money is not the dream; it is doing what you love that bring it to you.

You have the exact potential inside of you to create the life you want.  No matter how many times you read or hear of someone talk about how to become wealthy, your life will never change until you believe you can.  Connect with me on line for a Money Passion and Identity Session