What do you Fear?What do you fear [?]

Fear or Love?  You just know that what you have to offer is important and yes, you have started to put in all the steps to make it happen, but the dreams you have had are becoming lost in the overwhelming whirlwind of details, strategies, schemes and the pressure of getting out there and it is now becoming hard.

Less time for you, for your family, for your relationships, for your business. So It’s no surprise you end up dispirited and burnt-out, losing your confidence, passion and direction. You often postpone your dreams to serve others until the right time, place, relationship, bank account balance, etc.

Still you wait!  

Your service, product or even the book you wrote driven by passion is still sitting on the horizon.  Why?   Wanting to make a difference can be challenging as it just often doesn’t have any job description.  It is often difficult to distinguish what you do from another – so if don’t know it – how can someone else?

It’s easy for us to fall back into playing the waiting game until “someday”.   Yet, someday never comes unless you intentionally live on purpose and offer your gifts as a priority.

The Starting Point

“It’s an old saying that “Order is Heaven’s First Law,” and like many other old sayings it contains a much deeper philosophy than appears immediately on the surface.

Getting things into a better order is the great secret of progress, and we are now able to fly through the air, not because the laws of Nature have altered, but because we have learned to arrange things in the right order to produce this result—the things themselves had existed from the beginning of the world, but what was wanting was the introduction of a Personal Factor which, by an intelligent perception of the possibilities contained in the laws of Nature, should be able to bring into working reality ideas which previous generations would have laughed at as the absurd fancies of an unbalanced mind.

The lesson to be learned from the practical aviation of the present day is that of the triumph of principle over precedent, of the working out of an idea to its logical conclusions in spite of the accumulated testimony of all past experience to the contrary; and with such a notable example before us can we say that it is futile to inquire whether by the same method we may not unlock still more important secrets and gain some knowledge of the unseen causes which are at the back of external and visible conditions, and then by bringing these unseen causes into a better order make practical working realities of possibilities which at present seem but fantastic dreams.” Thomas Troward

Too fast? Too slow?

Since I’ve been solo in my business and I’ve broken through mass I’ve had around the number of my clients and my earnings, I’ve been thinking about how fast can a business grow, and what’s healthy. So many times in business we are constantly urging ourselves forward, listening to the voices in the media, in advertising, in our heads, saying “More and more! Bigger, better, faster!”

This unhealthy focus on growing quickly, instead of growing organically, can ruin your taste for what you do.

It’s not to say that growth can’t happen quickly; it can, and blindingly fast. But the real measure of whether the rate of growth you are experiencing is healthy or not is your heart.

If your business is growing more slowly than you want it to, it’s time to look first at why you want it to grow more quickly.

Is it because you are in fear about money? Is it because you think others won’t perceive you as successful? Is it because you want to be somewhere other than where you want to be? These are all symptoms of fear and contraction, and tell you that you have a focus on what you are getting, rather than what you are giving. You won’t grow your business that way, and you probably won’t be enjoying the business you do have already.

If your business is growing very quickly, are you inclined to push it along even faster?

Sometimes you have a period of growing quickly because you have been doing all the right things- you’ve been giving from a place in your heart, you’ve been marketing from a place of giving consistently, you are being responsible and delivering goods or services of the highest quality and integrity, etc. And then it starts to slow down a little, or you feel the need to push it even faster. That’s when healthy growth can turn cancerous and knock you over.

How can you tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy growth?

It’s in your heart- you’re having fun, you are being carried, you are meeting your responsibilities, and you are inspired, and your customers/clients are grateful.

Doing business from a holy place, the Divine spirit moves you at different speeds at different times. Remember to check with your heart and see where you really are. Instead of worrying about where you are going, just right now, come into a place of gratitude for all you’ve been given. And then, from that place, move forward.