True Meaning of HappinessTrue Meaning and Purpose

What is the true meaning of life and why are you here?

Perhaps, you’ve asked these questions to yourself before. The feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction may have pushed you to try and seek the answers to these questions. You may have a role to fulfill within your personal life and career but there is still that nagging feeling that you have a greater purpose in life. You may have seen some famous people who are very rich though are very unfulfilled and unhappy. These people may have everything – externally- yet internally feel a sense of emptiness.

Is Being Passionate Right?

They say that when you lack passion in your life, you will always feel that something is missing. To fill that hole and emptiness, you should start having a passion-filled life. You can never get inspiration if you are stuck in one place and keep doing the same boring routine every day.

Passion can only go so far(!) 

I began to realize how wrong I have been in my former assessment – passion is all we need.  Passion will take us everywhere.  Inspiration moves us to do great things always has an ending.

We hear what we want to hear.  We do what we feel is right – then often becoming mindless robots following orders, becoming extremely busy accomplishing little.

Passion – Inspiration – (In-Spirit) is hard to keep up everyday every minute of our lives.  More than passion we need to be real.   Goethe once said,  ‘Great passion are maladies without hope’ that is why living with purpose we can ask, leverage and grow exponentially.

We need a sense of purpose.  A sense of direction.

What do you hope for?

I often ask this question before I start the practice of working with my higher guidance.  It is not myself that will answer? As now higher guidance steps away from our ego.  Ego can be an entrapment causing confusion; keeping us competing; constantly measuring; breaking down and rising.

Doing great things to give you a sense of fulfillment may help you to understand your true purpose and meaning in life. But I bet, it most likely is coming from our egoism state.  Our egos are strong and powerful taking us on paths as we believe this is what best serves.

True Meaning

Finding  true meaning and purpose in life depends solely on you. The answer lies deep within you and it is up to you to discover your real purpose. When you feel alive and free, there is no pressure as everything flows freely.

Letting go to trust something greater than ourselves makes us vulnerable.  When you open your heart and mind open  break through the perceptions of right and wrong  in your defenselessness all is right.  Move through life with curiosity to every possibility without cause.   Open your eyes with an untouched view of life.  You will move far forward when you free yourself from the illusions you perceive.

When you live on purpose through your higher guidance you will know this as it is easy. It will feel right, and the positive emotions will come rushing to you. Purpose doesn’t leave you – passion does(!)

Embrace life and enjoy your journey living on purpose.