A Knowing HeartA Knowing Heart(!)

What we most forgot!

Sometimes I feel the tremendous excitement of working in such a trans-formative time, where business ideas and personal development are running on the same track.

It seems the idea that what we think and how we ‘arrange’ our reality determines our success and ultimate outcomes is no longer an ‘out there’ concept.

It’s become mainstream and accepted.

Interestingly, it’s been a topic of discussion – and an acknowledged reality by business and personal development writers for decades.

Napoleon Hill first said “if you can believe, you can achieve” and there have been many ‘greats’ who have echoed that idea and presented their own version over the decades.

I feel though, that these concepts have come of age in a new way and we get to be part of experiencing the shifts in consciousness – and results – in our hearts, minds and check books that come as a result.

Do you know the feeling when you know something in your heart?

When it just rings absolutely true for you?

How about the expression ‘change of heart’?

Well, I was going to do___________, but I had a change of heart.

Think about that for a minute. It really holds some weight for us. I maintain that the most powerful way to manifest your dreams for ourselves, to be truly successful, is to feel it in your heart.

The core of living from a heart’s consciousness is in silence and appreciation and experience that can take place from being in this space of quiet.

The expression of your truth has always been there for you, if you can just listen.  It has never left you and will always remain with you.  The only thing that has clouded the connection is the disruption of activity is  in the failure to quiet ourselves.

In quiet I receive the God’s word today!

It is when we are quiet that all will take place. The hurried person becomes the pressured individual who then can become a harassed business owner.

The process of leading with your heart is to pay attention to/in the world.

Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable to the world.

It will give you all the experience necessary as you step out and explore what you will become in your work.

Each day, each experience, each spoken word, each emotion we feel centers us within our “true voice”, our heart center.

You are blessed with this creation that is gently nudging you or sometimes giving you no option but to pursue your rediscovery of your heart self.