Believe About YouI believe you have a genuine interest and desire to bring your gifts out into the world.

  • I believe that you want to have a thriving practice or business want to make a contribution to the people you serve and the world at large

Those are good, positive, altruistic goals.

Ones to be proud of, ones to work toward. Yet as a person who is self-employed or running a business your experience can often include long stretches of frustration, fear, boredom and overwhelm.

It’s part of the process – for all of us. I started in the business world more than 20 years ago and that very experience. I still experience some of those things all these years later.

I remember initially being totally and completely exhausted trying to create business after business. I read and studied and felt like was learning everything under the sun. I was committed to doing whatever it took to make my business work.

What I finally realized was what I needed wasn’t going to be found in books. My answer was in my heart and when I tapped into that energy, that’s when I started to really create the results I had been longing for.

As some point I realized to make my business work I was going to have to find the inner peace, courage and strength to move forward. I had to bring more of me to my business.

Studying and learning is important, but at some point you have to trust your gut, trust your instincts, be true to your own purpose and FLY!

That’s when your business is satisfying. When the spirit of who you are and what you care about bubbles to the surface.

When you trust what you know, trust in your heart and know that you know the answers. Because you do! You have something unique to give, something that is yours and yours alone.

When you create your own oasis and take the time to look into your heart you will find – or tap into you own spiritual alignment.

Let the frustration surface if it’s there. Look at it, make friends with it. Accept it and know we all experience negative emotions, but you can make friends with them, they don’t have to rule your life or your world.

Your heart is the assemblage point of everything – your reality – let it be the navigator of your life, including your business life. Trust in your heart – it has the answers – more than mind for that matter.

That means you have your own answers and if you surrender to them and allow them to express themselves you’ll find the spirit in your business and in your life.