Let’s look at the important role our emotions play in the process of creation. You’ve probably heard the garden hose analogy describing flow. You turn on the water at the source (spigot) and it flows freely through the hose. However, if you have a kink, a twist or a hole in the hose, the flow of the water is impeded and you aren’t getting the full flow or power available.

Our emotions can act like the hole in the hose or the kink in the line – what we feel can stop the flow of what we want. A Law of Attraction Coach can help you plug the holes, and un-kink the hose; helping you to shake free from old limiting thought patterns that inhibit your happiness.

Ever wonder how to know if what you’re aiming to attract – your intentions – are flowing to you? The answer comes from learning to listen. You’ve made a desire clear in your mind and are in effect, sending that desire out to the Universe. Theory has it that if you do not repel what you truly desire, it is on its way to you. It can happen almost instantly, it can take some time. Usually if it’s taking time, you’re offering some level of resistance. The more you study and use the techniques you’ll learn in the Law of Attraction, the less resistance you’ll have and the more flow you’ll experience. It’s a powerful tool and like with any tool, practice using it and you’ll get better and better over time.

We all experience resistance – even with the things we truly want and desire. “Resistance? Naturally you think – of course I really want to get the business loan I applied for, or the relationship of my dreams or the business success I envision.

This is true, and it is also true that is you set the wheels in motion and something is NOT happening, it’s well to examine what beliefs you hold that are not congruent with getting what you truly desire. You may have to dig deep and be brutally honest, but you will find out where and how you might be cutting off your flow.

Resistance can be hard to identify or define. Think of the opposite of resistance: harmony, accord, agreement, cooperation, flow. These are the qualities you want to feel and experience instead of the ‘pull away’ from those qualities.  Observe how you feel when you’re in the flow. Capture the physical and mental experience so you can recreate it. You can uplevel your experience intentionally.

Know that the Universe (or whatever you choose to call it) matches and mirrors back to you whatever energy you are putting out. Think about your general ‘way of being’ throughout your day. Do you feel angry, aggravated, impatient, grouchy, bored, or intolerant? Are you stressed and hurried? Or do you feel upbeat, relaxed, excited to take on new challenges? These states of feeling are your energy field and the Universe is seeing and reflecting back to you the experience of more of the same.

Whenever you can, practice holding a more positive attitude. Look for the good in people and tell them – offer compliments that are genuine and meaningful. Do something nice for someone just because.  Get outside and find something to appreciate in nature. Think of 5 things every day you are grateful for. Can you find 5 different or new things each day?

Enrich your life by appreciating your blessings and your gifts. Appreciation will change your mood and raise your vibration faster and more effectively than just about anything! It puts you right back in the flow, no longer resisting.  Not only will you get what you want, you’ll find yourself happier as well.