3 Kyes to Unlock Your PurposeKnowing and understanding your life purpose may be easier than you think. Sometimes you hear life purpose referred to as a single thing or event – a job, a relationship, any one thing. Really, it’s the deepest expression of who you are and how you move in the world – your core being. It’s the light that guides you on your life journey. Everything you do – your dreams, your goals, your daily actions are all filtered through this purpose. When that happens, you feel alive, energized and on track – you know that feeling.

You also know the feeling of being out of touch with your life purpose. We all have those ‘wilderness’ experiences – sometimes for hours or days and sometimes even for months and years – they are part of the seasons of life, of being human. We all lose sight of our inner compass from time to time. Those can be very powerful times however, as we reinvent in those moments, they serve our life purpose and life plan well, even though it may not feel that way when we’re in the thick of it.

Here are some simple questions to reflect on and find your life purpose, or to recalibrate your compass if you’re feeling slightly off course. Set aside a quiet hour, undisturbed to reflect on these questions and do a bit of journaling to work through what comes up for you. Taking a pen to paper helps you focus and shuts out distraction. It adds benefit to you experience – and depth.

1. Who am I really? List 10 qualities, unique attributes or characteristics that make you, you.

2. What am I most passionate about? Passion and purpose go hand and hand. Write down everything that comes to mind and the go back and circle the things that have big energy around them and an emotional charge. Add more as they arise when you see what you’ve circled.

3. What were the 3 most fulfilling moments in my life? Why? What stands out about those experiences? When did you feel completely connected, fully alive, and energized?

Look at what you’ve written and find commonalities and themes. Circle the things that stand out most and write a vision statement, see what speaks to you about who you are and who you want to be in the world.

Notice how you feel defining what moves you. Do you feel clearer? More energized? More purposeful? This is your highest self, your biggest purpose and your guiding star – you’ve revealed your life purpose, or deepened your understanding of who you are and who you are meant to be.

Take the time to develop a business plan that feels authentic, and then develop a clear plan of implementation. When you understand that the foundation of business is to share value with someone else, you come full circle with a heart-centered spiritual practice.