living on purposeWhat does it mean to live our Soul Purpose? 

It is definitely not a doing thing.   Ir’s never static it is continuous.   If we are being called, who is doing the calling?   A deeper call comes from within; is expression of our essence, our core.  Our calling is an expression of the spirit of who we really are.  It is the mysterious voice that keeps calling us to live our live to the fullest.  To live with purpose.

What does an expression of essence mean?

Your essence is how you show up in the world. It is the deeper dimension where we have a profound sense of who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

“Essence” is the most fundamental aspect of our soul purpose:  it is the “being” dimension of purpose, without doing.  You are your purpose, even when you are doing nothing.  This aspect of your purpose is almost always unconscious; that is, it is not apparent to you.

As you embody this quality of purpose, it radiates from you.  Everyone you meet is affected by it, whether they are aware of it or not.  The energy of your essence emanates from you in every moment, so long as you are alive.  Its impact is subtle, pervasive, and constant

Victor Frankl pointed out

Let life question you.  For as long as we dream from which awaken, the question arises what or why do we survive?

Living our Soul Purpose Provides meaning

Many people I know are starved for coherence in their lives.  Purpose serves as a coherent focus for our time, talent, and direction.  It is a way of ordering our lives,and energie.  It involves listening, persistence and practices to follow to full potential.    When we are moved toward something, many previously events seem less significant.  If our purpose of living in this lifetime involves us to deeply question we begin to  eliminate what is irrelevant.

Most of us living in a transparent seek to understand what is relevant.  What is it that we live for, who we are, and what we are about.  Our environments make sense.  Living a meaning life leads to questioning  and acceptance of the status quo.  We are whole in our lives for the most part yet such a unifying sense of direction leaves lost and incomplete.

It is often difficult to follow a deeper call.  Frightening at most.  Though acting on our purpose we bring meaning.  We realise the point of why we are here, what direction we are to take. It’s a process of listening and shaping our life stories.

Purpose evolves over our lifetime.  As we discover and re-discover it becomes a sense of joy.  we care because it is a natural way to be.  the power of living on purpose is the power of caring.  Caring for ourselves, others and all living beings.  It is natural it alone is the greatest of all gives we can offer ourselves.