truthWe all come to a crossroads where our values shift, or we experience a conflict of values. As human beings we are designed to change, and grow, so nothing really fits us forever, as well it shouldn’t.

Our job as evolving souls is to be able to respect (and review) our values and our shifting thinking and feelings without judgment. Truly, being able to do this is a mark of spiritual maturity. And, one we shift in and out of. We might master this one day and be wholly inadequate the next. HOWEVER (!) once you shift and grow, you stay there.

Sure, you might ‘backslide’, but you don’t lose the knowing and understanding. It’s yours to embrace and own – forever. It all adds to who are you and becomes part of your foundation.

What would need to be true for you to take your work or even transform yourself as a powerful instrument of purpose/change agent/messenger What condition do you need to have so you can serve who you are meant to become?

Can you even get deeper by asking yourself what beliefs are stopping you from living your values – your truth?

f you haven’t created a set of values previously, then your job is to create them from scratch. What would need to be true in order for you to be safe and comfy transforming in these ways?

Values define who you are. I believe that real spirituality and growth is being able to speak our truth even if we encounter push-back and seeming disapproval from others. We all need to clarify, deep in our hearts and the seat of our being, that which is most important to us. What do we really care about?

What would we stand up and fight for?

That determines that sort of person you want to be. That doesn’t mean it’s easy or that just by making the decision you instantly know how or are able, but it strengthens you at the core, because you acknowledge and you know.

When you identify what matters, or to help identify what matters, here are some clarifying questions to ask:

What do you want to stand for in this life?

How/why does that move you?

How does that make you feel?

How/why does that inspire you?

What is significant and meaningful to you about it?

Values can change and vary. Some values might be about connecting with others. For example, building meaningful relationships or being genuine and authentic with whoever you encounter, in whatever situation. Maybe it’s about something you want to stand for or see happen – some outer change. How do you show up and do/be that?

If it surfaces as important to you, look at it, understand it. Don’t worry about embracing it or being it immediately, but by putting focus on it, you become that, you do that more; you evolve consciously in the direction that’s meaningful for you. Again, it’s about doing that which is yours to do. Being true to your heart and your purpose.

Explore that, define one or two or more values and say to yourself:

I accept these values

I accept who I am and what I represent and believe in

I am doing this now with ease and grace

I accept myself with love and gratitude

Peace and Love on Your Journey.