sense of selfSense of Self

When you really sink into an idea, there is possibility.  There is potentially danger where most of us run on autopilot and not being present.  We keep going through our days operating on the patterns of the past.   And often most hard not to resist.

Move away from inefficient, un-resourceful patterns getting in your way.  This is what stops us from taking opportunities that show up.

What are you telling yourself?

Typically, we run over these inner voices and push through with our will.  Not always practical(!)

Choose how you relate to these messages.  What is the feeling?  Good – Bad?   You’re the key to breaking this cycle.  Ignoring our inner voices – intuition if you will. permeates unconsciously often sabotaging any success in the outcome.


Have you ever tried to get a project completed.  You try for three months  and it still sits within – no movement.    So, there is choice.  A direction to move forward and work out or keep the brake on.

Experience tells us we are holding on to a secondary gain.  In this instance, worry, anxiety and fear.   Sometimes it is more comfortable as it is a known feeling. The project then stales, against fears or failure from the past.

Can you do this?

The key is to take each situation at a time and use some mental discipline.  The experience from the past repeats itself.  It is really gone only having its survival in the mind.  How are you relating to those experiences – lessons learned or not?

Learn from the wisdom of the past so you can take what you can.  Move it and pave it forward. History does not have to repeat itself.

You have choice!

♥Look at what is facing you right now what you want to accomplish.

♥Decide how you will make it work?

♥Is worry going to take over – for fear of humiliation and failure if this doesn’t work?

There is always the potential of everything going wrong– should I –could I do that— destroy the potential of what could happen.  Do some different(!).

Don’t let the past hold you

When we charge towards a goal all stops to create a project drive us.   There is a strong desire and intent to achieve a result.  But every so often we will hit a roadblock

Embrace You and add on a layer of wisdom and intuition;  learning; skills; attitudes; perspective.

Look at a project or goal say to yourself this is an opportunity.  Do you want this opportunity; what do you love about this new opportunity?


Your relationship is to look at a situation as an opportunity understanding clearly there is opportunity.  Look with a grander sense of self.

Try on a new way of doing things; your life’s career, relationship, fun, recreation, spiritual drive.

Go beyond a sense of self limitation and self-determined limiting beliefs.  These really strangle and destroy our sense of wonder and risk taking and doing something in a way that other did not expect of us.

Sometimes learning lessons is a way forward.  We would never know the difference otherwise.


These are the opportunities within us to pave it forward.  You are in a new position of accepting the challenges or go into a downward spiral of worry.  Find the value in taking on the perspective of looking through the lens of opportunity

Opportunities are the doorway swinging us into new behaviors, new experience and new attitude.  Trial and error is how we learn.  The permission to experience the error.

Step into the opportunity.

As painful as things are when we can detach and re-evaluate, a new view is taken.  Eventually you will find the gifts the challenge has afforded you.    When you can detach you will see the gift in the wings

Is it exciting or not?  If you look at the worry of its success, it will drain you.  Ask if this is how you want to feel.  Opt out of worry and move forward.  Simple?  May not!  With persistence possibly.