Getting Your Money House in Order

You do what you do because you love it, because it moves you, because you can serve. Perhaps you are a healer, a counselor, a therapist, an artist or a coach, or you are in another field where you have skills you offer to improve the lives of the people you serve. You have a holistic and open approach to your work. Your heart is in the right place, your skills are perfected, but you fail to attract the money you want to your business and so you’re not realizing success doing what you love to do.

When you think about and actually DO the thing you love most, you are ‘in the zone’, happy, productive and at peace. When money comes into the equation, you experience static and discomfort, maybe even a sense of emptiness, or guilt.

You can help the planet, serve others and help yourself too. We are all here to enjoy life, to contribute, to give back and we do that best when we are happy and thriving – and that includes monetarily. Money is part of the natural flow of life and it’s our main method of exchange – we trade it for goods and we offer our services in exchange for it as well. It’s an expression of good and caring when used correctly, openly and with love.

Money represents an exchange of value and I want you to value your work and know that whatever revenue you generate with your services, you use for good – your own and the good of others.

Money is a gift, though our attitude toward it isn’t always!

Doing what you love is a great gift too. And think of the good you do when you pay your bills, the people you employ and the contribution you offer. You want to tap into the law of circulation and have money to contribute where it is meaningful. After all, for the things money is useful and good for, almost nothing is a substitute.

Gratitude is a great practice. It’s hard to focus on what you’re grateful and feel bad. It’s a good shift to think about what you do have and where you can contribute. That includes being grateful for a roof over your head, your ability to put food on the table, clothes on your back and to give where it’s important and meaningful for you to do so.

You can be grateful too that you have a skill that can generate income that can be used for good. Your gratitude opens your heart and shifts your focus.

If you can’t see your way clear to loving the money in your life – not in a greedy way – but from a space of gratitude, open up to help, to shifting your thinking. Earning well is a way to contribute – to the good of others, to the healing of the planet and to your own happiness. You don’t serve best when you’re experience stress or conflict. Money is a given in our lives and you’re here to live your greatest good.

I can help you work through money issues and live at peace, in harmony with your values and appreciating how your abundance can contribute, not detract from the global good. Contact me for a complimentary session and let’s talk!