ego heart relationshipEgo Heart Relationship? 

What does this mean?  My higher guidance led me to this interesting metaphor of how the ego and heart can work together.

So it tells me to bake a cake.  Interesting, I thought.  Why a cake.  There are special ingredients, temperatures and timing.

The hardest part of baking a cake getting all the ingredients right.

So how does this relate to an ego heart relationship?

Ego ingredients can be, in this example,  ideals, thoughts, and beliefs that both can make you feel vulnerable and invulnerable. These can be attacking us or non-attacking us, who we are and what we stand for.

Now our heart is where the home is – where connection to our higher guidance is most profound.

Maybe, just for a moment imagine that all feelings, beliefs and thoughts that stem from a  response to an experience in your life that did not give you the results that you wanted.

We will call these ego ingredients.

Put in the bowl all the ingredients, which may include emotions of self-blame, guilt, un-forgiveness, judgments, chaos, stuck, resentment, rejection, anger or even some positive emotions of release, relief,   freedom, power, self-importance,pride, materialism, consumerism (adding whatever you like)   all mixed well into a gooey batter.  A mixture of vulnerability and familiarity.

Now sense all the ingredients your are using are right and mixed well.  Seems like the batter is still lumpy which takes a lot of whipping.

So you whip, whip and whip more until the batter is smooth and ready to be poured into a baking dish.

In virtue do you believe you have the right balance of ingredients?

Into the oven, you place the mixture, at the right temperature, timing it perfectly, precisely to the recipe.  You wait!

Did the cake rise?


Do you have too much of one ingredient and not enough of another.

Are you with me?  Good!

All the emotions put into the cake stem from an event in the past.  And I did suggest this.

Yet, even so these responses, good or bad, were egoist coming from a place of safety, fear and/or control.

The Ego, whilst is does have its place, can been seen as self-denigrating or as an impostor for love of self.

Our ego is continually pushing us, often attacking us with thoughts and concerns which are not helping us live a harmonious life.

The ego doesn’t care it just want what it wants.  It feels like you are disconnected and even lost, confused, angry, overwhelmed and the list goes on…

Do you resist what is worthy of you for your own good?

For this reason, we are wired for struggle,  resistance and fight looking for answers on the outside yet in reality our struggles our internal.

As you might might be thinking that won’t work in your field or that’s easy to day and it is not how the real world works.  “You say “The ego needs to be here so I can take action, and have what I want”.

YES…… though?

Now let’s combine  the ego heart relationship

Some other ingredients love, compassion, kindness and gentle care, gratefulness, tolerance, understanding, and  forgiveness with acceptance rather than resistance you then step into cooperation and there is a sense of balance – an ascension – a rising.

Now the cake will rise.  Fascinating concept No?

It takes looking inside yourself to rise above what was to what is.  Emotions are there as triggers to see what is possible not what has not been.

What is essential to experience more balance into every day to living a fulfilled life.  Ask what does my…..

Ask yourself these four questions 3 times.

  • Mind say (ego)
  • Fear say (ego)
  • Intuition say (body)
  • Heart say (heart)

Recognize we need both.  Listen to your answers and collaborate your head with your heart and step into a winning relationship that will serve you in days to come.