Manifesting Abundance – ‘Getting Good’ With Money

28 February

Clear Your Mind

Manifesting money when you’re in a state of lack can be challenging. How do you focus on abundance when you’re obsessed with your lack?

How do you manifest abundance when you’re feeling anxious – about bills that need to be made, obligations that need to be met…?

You know you’re out of alignment. You can feel it. You know you’re putting your attention on the thing you don’t want and yet, you can’t seem to slip through to a better focus.

You CAN ‘fix’ this!

Start by asking yourself about some of your beliefs about money. What do you believe about wealth? What were you taught about wealth when you were growing up? How did your family feel about wealth and people with money? What do you believe about what it takes to ‘get’ money?

There are a lot of negative association with money and wealth. There’s also potential for a lot of guilty around money. Whatever you feel or believe, whether you judge it ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it can be attached to shame and negative feelings – about yourself or about others. You may experience fear, stress or anxiety around money. Whatever you fundamentally believe affects your ability to earn and to attract abundance into your life. This isn’t about blaming you; it’s about examining your core beliefs.

The only one who places judgment on you is you. It’s truly and abundant universe and there is not blame and no shame that occurs that isn’t of our own making. Tough to accept perhaps, but true nonetheless.

The most effective way I know how to change your thinking on a complex topic – money in this case – is to find out what your resistance is and maybe examine where those thoughts and ideas come from. Take some time to be quiet and write down whatever comes to you as you ponder this. What are the beliefs left over from childhood and what do you believe today that is different from what you were taught?

The key is to shift your thinking up a bit at a time. Here are some statements that can shift how you think and feel:

I don’t feel anxious about money.

I have embraced beliefs that no longer serve me.

I can acquire money and lasting financial freedom.

I release any ideas from the past and know that my parents had their own fears and beliefs to contend with. I accept my own path and my own ability to earn money.

I believe in abundance and not in scarcity.

I let go of the stress and anxiety right now.

I don’t put pressure on myself.

I breathe easily and feel expansive when I think about money.

I relax and let creative ideas flow.

New ideas and opportunities flow to me now.

I am worthy of beautiful things and wonderful experiences.

I accept my desire for more money.

Focus on what you are grateful for and all the good you do have in your life. By shifting your energy and your focus, you change your state of mind and begin the allowing that makes abundance possible in your life.

Need help staying focused on your abundant future? Desire change and want to accelerate the process with focus and intent? Contact me about a complimentary coaching session. Live from your power!


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