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The Gift of Mindful Awareness

If we are to hone our mind to appreciate and understand anything accurately, then the best place to start is within ourselves. Through active mindfulness practice, we can begin to increase our awareness of the thought patterns that dominate our minds, and what stories or meanings we are creating as a result of them.

It’s only through doing this that we can begin to master our minds and influence our emotions in far more empowering ways. By observing our thoughts and simply being present with them, we empower ourselves to appreciate thought for what it is. Just thought!

If we will just action our ability to step back and cease believing every mindless thought that pop into our heads, we become free from those thoughts and consequential emotions we experience as a result of focusing on them.

Upon doing this, we create space in our universal minds to establish a greater appreciation for truth, rather than being held captive by the thoughts we have and the limitations of our perceptions. When we relax enough in our minds, it’s only then that we can gain the clarity and insights that we seek.

This is the gift of mindfulness, to step out of the unconscious, mindless automatic brain functioning that most of us are programmed to embrace as children, and increase our awareness of ourselves, other people and the immediate environments in which we live. This is what gives us the inner peace that we desire.

A Six Week Mindfulness Training Course

Each session will include:

A complete class out-line
A list of all needed materials
Scripts for the introduced meditation (you will have been using these through your course)
Common questions and responses
Handouts and worksheets and audio links

Cost per program:  $75.00

Weekly Meditation Classes

Benefits of Guided meditation

Guided meditation is an amazing place for beginners to start their journey. Meditating alone can be tricky when just starting, you may find your mind starts to wonder and you don’t get the most from your practice. 

Meditating with a guide can combat this problem and can take away some of the pressure that one can feel when just starting out. There are so many proven benefits of guided meditation. Some being:  

  • Stress relief 
  • Anxiety relief 
  • Improving mood
  • Combating depression \Help with drug and alcohol abuse 
  • Most of all INNER PEACE

What to Expect 

During your guided meditation sessions, you may be instructed to sit comfortably on the floor or even lie down. You will be guided through visualizations designed to help clear your mind and focus, reduce tension throughout the body, and promote stress relief. Some recordings or instructors may also make use of music or sounds to help ease your transition into deep relaxation. 

Weekly Group Chakra Balancing and Healing Practice

Every area of your life is influenced by the 7 main energy Chakras in your body. This course offers you a unique way to Balance and Heal Chakras in a variety of ways to keep you in tip top condition. You will balance and restore good health to the body, relieve stress and anxiety, empower yourself and others, vitalize the physical body and bring about the development and awareness of the self-consciousness bringing mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

  • Learn to manage and harness energy efficiently.
  • Learn about the 7 main Chakras and how they work
  • Learn the relaxation, balancing frequencies and guided meditation to heal and balance the Chakras
  • Experience the amazing empowerment you receive from this healing and balancing work
  • Feel joyful, happy and healthy
  • Cope better with day to day stresses and frustrations
  • Bring good health and vitality to yourself


Nambucca Valley Phoenix – 88 High Street Bowraville NSW 2449

Commencing February 2021