Money as Power

Money according to Wallace Wattle in his book “Science of Getting Rich’ is  never mentioned.

He said ‘the ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way’.

What did he mean? 

Success in our life and business is a direct result of how we hold the energy around the events that come into our life.

Thought is a creative power, or an impelling force which causes us to act producing powerful and predictable results.

Do you ever wonder how you can connect to universal sources of energy?

My belief is money isn’t money – but rather money is energy.

In the global  shamanistic community there is a saying that goes like this ‘energy flows where your attention goes’.

That simply means what you pay attention (think about) and how you feel will  determine how abundance will respond to you.  

Money is not money – it is just an agreement of work.  It’s a method of exchange; it’s a representation of our effort, our intentions and our actions.

In the old days, you might exchange chickens for services.

Eventually, coins and then paper was used to represent what was once known as the currency exchange of chickens.

Money represents the work that you have to earn chickens – so money is just a concept.

Are you with me?

If you think about it, financial transactions in the world are processed via the radio waves there is probably a river of money flowing to you now!

Do you say “I never have enough money” or “I always have enough for what I need”?

♥How do you treat your money?

Is it crumpled in your purse or an old wallet or neatly arranged in a new wallet?

♥Are you open to receiving anything, and everything good or bad?

♥Do you accept compliments with a simple ‘Thank You’ or deflect them with excuses?

♥When you find a penny on the ground do you think “it’s only a penny” or do you thank the universe for a continual flow of abundance in your life?

Your way of being, thoughts, attitudes, emotions and actions all create your money story.

♥Telling ourselves the same story keeps us trapped in the same reality.

♥Do you want to create a new vibrant financial reality?

♥Then you need to create a new vibrant way of thinking and acting.

If you could tap into the billions of dollars that are floating past you energetically every millisecond of everyday, that universal source of consciousness represents flow of abundance floating by, how would your life change?

If you can make certain connections and tap into that universal flow by connecting to spirit – what will happen is some of that money will flow more easily in your direction.

When you have a certainty of purpose and do things as Wattles says ‘in a certain way’ it all will arrive.

So why doesn’t money flow to everyone who thinks about it? The problem is that most do not experience the connection and openness.

Our beliefs about what money blocks the flow.

♥Are you ready to start tearing down the barriers?

♥Do you want to rewrite your money story and tap into universal flow?

♥Are you tired of dealing with the same issue all the time?

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