Butterfly flying free from cupped handsIt has been a very busy year for me, writing two books,  being featured in a book to be released early next year, creating new programs that I know my clients will  love  AND  most of all learning to make peace with myself by not being too critical that what I planned to do this year has yet to evolve.

So to start planning now for 2013,  I am not too sure as there is some letting go I have yet to do.

Trust in my heart, I say to myself.    I know our hearts are infinitely tender, elusive and responsive.  Our hearts know the truth and moves quickly and sees quickly.   Our heart’s know what is real for us because that’s where all love, truth and reality comes from.  It is our doorway to our source of knowing.

At the same time our mind is also very fast.  It wants to get things done and its’ first duty is to safety and keeping things under control.   Learning to work from a heart space can be a mystery as the mind does not really understand and will question, although it is the only path that has told me my truth.

I needed to change my game plan

Do you ever have that feeling of hopelessness at that moment that says ‘It’s time to stop and let go.     I know because I have been in this position time and time again.   Yet it is in this space most answers have been found.  I am not talking about quitting in the business – more about quitting what isn’t working and taking a deep breath.

Right now for me I know I need to stop and let go.     The voice is getting louder every day.   I need time to quit all the stuff that is clouding my head. I need to quit thinking whether my gifts are valuable or not, what are all the things that I must do, and what if it doesn’t work out. I need to quit trying to force things to happen.

So instead of starting to plan for 2013, I have decided to let go first.   As I do this I have found a sense of calm and peace —a breath of fresh air and clarity of purpose knowing it will all be done, in its time.

Look there are no immediate answers as to what it would look like for me, it is too soon. But with letting go for now, I can sit down and look at the truth through my heart and compare it to what my business actually needs and listen to this first..

Here is how I have let go….

1.  Embrace the Idea of Letting Go.

If you have a voice in your heart that is telling you to let go, and mine has for some, I am embracing this.   Saying yes and surrendering to this.  Accepting and honouring this time in humility.   Do this without attaching to any story about what letting go actually means or looks like.

2. Ask in your heart what you need to let go of.

This is a very sincere question to ask of your soul.  Allow yourself to ask and be open and willing to hear the answer.  For me it has been to let go of all the stuff that wasn’t working for me.  For you it could be a particular project, but it could also be a belief that is not serving your or a behavior you want to change.    Listen and accept what you hear.  Trust in the answer.

3,  Say good bye

In letting go, and saying good bye, there will be an element of grief and it is sad too.  In all the actions and intetions you have put into place isthere something you just don’t want anymore.  It is okay.  Accept this shift as it will open the path to new beautiful journey.

4.  Lap up the spaciousness as you have emptied the cup.

Enjoy the vastness of having an empty cup for a while.  Just sitting with this can be such a luxury in itself

As my coach told me, though don’t let go of everything.  I need to ask in my heart what will letting go mean?    What kind of support or accountability do I need in order to truly to let go open my heart now that I have created space.      So, what do you need to let go of?  What is your heart telling you to do first?

Would love to hear your comments.