Reflected BeautyDo you believe that how you feel and what you think affects the outcomes you experience? As human beings we’re wired to experience things through our emotions and our feelings. Often we let our emotions rule our experiences and our decisions.  That may seem natural until you realize you have a choice and that choice affects all your outcomes and the ability to change your life, forever.

In business – particularly in small business or solo-preneur businesses, we each take on a lot of tasks. There isn’t an entire support staff that helps with each ‘department’. It’s usually just you, and it’s often a balancing act, that can feel like a juggling act.

Most of us tend toward doing things that are easiest for us to do – the things we excel at.  Most entrepreneurs love what they do – the practice, but most entrepreneurs also dislike the marketing that brings in the business that makes the practice part of business thrive.

So, what happens? Marketing gets relegated to the proverbial back burner. And, it doesn’t just sit there quietly. It bubbles, it boils, it nags at us.  We spend a lot of energy thinking about what we ought to be doing and aren’t. That sets an emotional vibration that determines our outcome.

If it’s something you dread doing – marketing for example – and so you put it off and put it off, you’re allowing the emotion to rule the outcome. It’s like a big negative magnet, pushing what you truly want away from you.  You can feel it. Maybe you feel this in your stomach, or in your head, or in your muscles.  There is usually a physical correspondence to the experience.

It outright stops the flow of what you want.  Often people ask ‘how do I change how I feel so that I can get in alignment and as a result, realize more of what I want’? The answer is simple: you don’t allow your emotions to rule what you do.  If you deliberately change your mind about ‘how you feel’ about doing something and just do it, things shift.

How do you do that? You make a conscious decision that you’re not going to let emotion rule your activities. You accept that you don’t like something and then you just get on with it.

Learning how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques you can easily release this negative pull.  You can even say out loud – I really (hate, dislike, don’t enjoy) _____________, but I know that if I make friends with it, business will flow my way, floodgates will open, my life will be richer and more rewarding, I’ll get to ‘practice’ more and do what I love.

Your energy will shift, then your attitude will, then your actions and ultimately your results.  Try it. You’ll feel the shift right away and you’ll be grateful. Truly. You will!

If you are holding back to the level of the lowest common denominator you will never experience abundance.   Whatever it is, these resistances are just a start.  Work with me and I will help you make the breakthroughs, where you will notice immediate change.