Did you ever feel frustrated because it feels like everything has already been done and realized by someone else? Do you feel like you don’t know where or how to carve out your space in your niche, your business, your life? I think it has partly to do with social media, partly to do with popular culture – but there’s so much to compare ourselves to that is in front of us all day, every day.

It’s enough to make the most confident among us insecure. What about those who are lacking confidence or are dealing with a period of uncertainty? Ouch.

The paradox of knowing our true purpose is that in order to address new solutions to problems we must first familiarize ourselves with the ideas of others.  How can you do something different if you don’t know what’s being done already? See the paradox?  Yet, we all have something uniquely ours to contribute to the world, something that is yours and yours alone.

Other people’s ideas are the launching pad – a place to start from – a ground zero if you will.  Then you bring your own perspective, your way of looking at things and you step into the place that is yours to be, the thing that is yours to do.  You never know who might hear the message or receive a gift from you that they couldn’t take or hear in any other place, in any other way. Why? Because you are here to do what is yours to do.  Regardless of what anyone else is doing, regardless of what you see, hear or experience around you.

There is a place for you and your unique message. unique to your true purpose.  I like to think of it as runners in a relay race; we simply carry the baton on the next leg. Carry on the message; bring our insight, brilliance and way of being to it. You are needed as part of the team. Yes, the human global team. All that we do is based on what has come before, just as all breakthroughs are built on fundamental truths.  We don’t need to recreate the truth or any reality to deliver a unique message or to carve out our space.

As you own your true purpose and accept what you have to contribute to the greater good you will realize that the heart every idea, concept, business, philosophy, you name it – is the borrowing, adding, combining or modifying the old ones. That’s good news because it means there is plenty left to do, plenty of people to do it with, to serve and to do it for. What is your unique message? Isn’t it time we all heard it?