Take heart: the earth is sick but it is up to us to heal !!!Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.  Arnold H. Glasgow

I love that quote, don’t you? No matter how strong your desire you will not create what you want without confidence. You have to start with strong desire. Today I am thinking about the human soul on fire. Music, dance and colour light my life up.   I don’t think I’d be alive if it weren’t for these elements playing such a strong role in my daily life. They are that important.

Fire Ignites- It lifts you right out of your seat – literally. And think how we’re so drawn to fire, to the warmth, the flow, the life, the movement. Think about all the things in your life you love to do.  Whether it’s skiing, reading, hiking, socializing, going to parties, making videos to upload to YouTube, meditating quietly for hours, being creative – just being.

Make a list of all the things you would feel eager to do if someone told you to take the day off from work and time to just do what you wanted to do.  “Hey so-and-so, why don’t we blow off work today and go ________?”  Fill that blank in with a list of things you’d rather do than work. Whatever comes to mind. Knowing it could be different today than tomorrow or the same as yesterday. What is it?

Don’t judge it. Oh, that’s a waste of time, or that ___________ (fill in your own judgment here). My son goes nuts over fishing and boating.  He love brought him to live near the ocean.  He’s a fisherman, pure and simple.  There’s nothing he’d rather do. He’s happy and in his element. No reason why – it just is.

I seem to light up best when I share my passion for living on purpose with others. Even just sharing with one person is enough to spark my enthusiasm! And people get it, they see that I am lit up and excited about my passions. It feels contagious – to me and to them. I need to share that with someone else to feel it myself. That’s just how it works best for me.

It’s exciting and stimulating to talk about the things that get you inspired, invigorated, and spiced up! All of these elements make my soul catch fire…how about you?

Write it down:  On a clean sheet of paper, write the heading “Your Name” Dreams Bigger!”   Choose which areas in your life to harness this power of your dream and then write your answers to these questions:

  • Five years from now your ideal circumstances would be?
  • What would you need to do to make that happen?
  • How would you feel about yourself one year from now if you take no action?
  • How will you feel if you work with your plan and take full ownership in creating the changes you want?
  • What will you be doing then, what will people be saying to you about your success?
  • Create a Vision Board your photos, pictures, words, stories of what you want.  Create a picture of what you desire – in feelings; in words; in pictures
    • State what you want in a positive way
      • Wake up each morning visualizing that picture and apply all your effort to your plan and have the faith to bring it out into the world with your gifts and talents to become what you most desire.
    • Your passion is in you somewhere.
    • Remember it or find it.  Then turn your passion into action. Find the road that leads to success with your passion.

You can do it!  When you combine passion with skill and contribution, success is not far behind.

Don’t spend another day doing something you hate. Find and ignite your passion today!

To Your Wonderful March and the brand new you.


Thoughts? Comments? I would love you hear from you , just drop me a note about how you felt about this post.