My Spirit Speaks

My Spirit Speaks

I ask you Holy Father

I ask where are you

You answer me

You see me in the darkness and in the light

As the sun sets and rises

The stars in the sky to the deepest blue sea

Every blade of grass and in the wind that blows across your face

The rain that falls lightly and the hail that knocks on our window

I am the rainbow after a storm

I am here everywhere within you and without you

You embrace me if you wish

Ignore me if you will

Never forget the silence is where you find me

I am the light – I am the darkness

I am the good – I am the bad

I am the right – I am the wrong

I am masculine – I am feminine

I am everywhere

We are both one in dimension of whole

Remember me

Every breathe

Every sigh

Every smile

See me

I am the smile of a child

The tear of a mother seeing her newborn

I am the ache in your heart that knows you are alive

I am in the leaves that fall from the tree

I am the blade of grass that willows through your  feet

I am the anger and the sadness – The jolt that needed sometimes to remind you

I am here

I am the joy in your heart