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How do you create extraordinary results!

Never think or say I don’t know or I can’t!

You already know that your reality is caused by your thinking – that’s no secret! Our thoughts become things!  I’m not telling you anything new yet so many of us still get caught up with the thoughts of lack and limitation.

We live in an abundant universe where there is no shortage of anything.  Just look around you and you will notice there is enough food, water, money, clothing, housing, love and happiness to go around.  Why do some of us have so much and others have so little.    To change any condition in your life, you must become aware of the way you are using your mind.

But you may not know how you are responding to events.

What do I mean?

If you are anxious when thinking about standing in front of a group to give a presentation your evaluation of your experience is only your perception. It’s not reality. It’s what you think you will feel. It’s fear getting a hold of your imagination and picturing the worst.

Ask yourself:

What do I perceive is so dangerous?

We’re such creatures of habit. Just like Pavlov’s dog, we repeat patterns.

Here is what we do so well:

  • Make assumptions
  • Self-criticize
  • Worry about being perfect
  • Disasterize
  • Thinking in ‘shoulds’ and feeling guilty
  • Thinking you are better or worse than someone else

Really, this is what goes on in the human mind, over and over again. We build patterns that turn into mind maps and our brains follow that path, quickly and easily, ever distracted from our own inner truth. These maps reinforce our harmful perception and the reality of the situation becomes skewed. You could practice more accurate thinking. Hey, there’s an idea – accurate thinking – not disasterizing!

Deepak Chopra has written many books over the years on the mind-body connection.  You are alone the only one that can rule your mind.  It is up to you which thoughts you choose to focus on and what the world would look like for you!

Whenever  you ask yourself a question, you are fine tuning your mind to seek the answer.   Esther Hicks always states ‘Ask you and will Receive’.

Your question will focus your mind and when you change your awareness you will change what you know.

When you re-frame the question your understanding will change.  when you change your feelings, you most likely will change your actions.  This is the power of questioning and being aware of your thoughts.

So how can  you change your thinking?

Try editing your thoughts through visualization; affirmations; acting the part you want to feel; set an intention for what you want; be absolutely honest with yourself,  feed your mind the truth and do not fall back for the default position that brings you down and takes you further from your good.

To create affirmations, write down what someone who loves you would say about you or about a situation. Or, if that’s too difficult to bring forth, think about what you would say to someone you love.

♥A partner, a child, or at best a friend, a sibling.

Imagine them in the same mind space or situation you find yourself in.

♥What kind words would you say? How would you help them envision a bigger picture, a more enlightened, bolder vision of themselves?

♥You can do that for you. You can bring that love, and caring and deep feeling to your own assumptions and criticisms about yourself.

♥Write them down as affirmations. Read them and re-read them.

♥Be immensely kind and card to yourself.

What will happen?

You’ll change, you’ll soften your heart and you’ll beam that kindness and caring out naturally and you’ll receive it back and it will multiply. Beautifully and easily. Now you’re thinking the way you were meant to think, feeling about yourself the way you were meant to – loving and kind.