Today’s the Day !

I Am Excited to Announce the Official Release of my First Book

Ancient Secrets to Proclaim your Power

Many of my readers would of had a sneak peak to the e-book to get a taste of what this book is about.  I hope you enjoyed what you read.

As with any project undertaken it is really exciting when you can actually say it is completed.   Out of inspiration, and intuitive guidance I now bring this to you.

I know, I can hear that many of you already are saying that you are ‘Standing in Your Power’.  Not Surprised!    I thought so myself, until I started writing this, as there are moments when we get lost in our EGO and the day to day needs of wanting to compare, compete and sometimes criticize.  No judgment — we are only human, and of course and in our humanness the EGO has its neediness to nurture.

This may sound crazy or embellishment but I really believe in this book and what it can do for you,  I know that once you read it, you’ll believe that too.

So here is my invitation to you to learn how to use how to use ancient wisdom to receive the money, power, status you desire like the amazing, brilliant person that you are!

Delivered to you In full e-book and workbook format.  I challenge you to get the book, and work through it to attract the abundance of opportunities prosperity, people and awesomeness into your business and your life.

Get it here NOW:  Ancient Secret to Proclaim Your Power

As you become clearer about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around”  Oprah Winfrey

To Your Best Path and Standing in Your Magnificence


PS.  I forgot to mention when you purchase the book before August 30  you will receive a BONUS audio on Standing in Your Power and a companion hard copy of the book  (early October) as a special thank you.