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Our heart tells 

Humanity and Humanity  – Are you approaching life with an open heart – the heart of humility and humanity – makes you a steward of good, an ambassador for healing and understanding.  Here is where one is able to stand in compassion, forgiveness and allowing.

When we open to ourselves, to our heart, we speak from our truth. This is where we speak from our inner core naturally without force or trial.   Our heart is the key of Love, a gift from our True Source and only waits for us to open, use and enjoy it.

When we were children our hearts were open so naturally, and we lived a life of joy, curiosity and freedom, yet during the course of the life we chose to live, our hearts easily shut down- as we grew up – psychologically and more importantly than physically, we used our brain to make decisions and solve problems.

Our emotions affect us deeply and as a consequence however we deal with them are consequential to how we actually present ourselves. If we are negative, we are actually creating negative outcomes every time we have a bad feeling. They can accumulate causing our hearts to become shut down.

Of course, you can choose to follow the negative emotions and dwell upon them. In this vein, our thoughts are creating the negativity. If you are bored, doing repetitive task curiosity wanes and we drift with impatience. Our hearts only know good feelings. So when we feel bad, sad or angry the sadness is an expression coming from our solar plexus.

Next time you feel any emotion that is negative check out where it is coming from. Pay attention and you will clearly feel the presence of any pain or sadness in your solar plexus, your power center.

Emotions vs thoughts

What you do matters. How you do it matters. How you feel matters more! Indeed it is your everyday contribution and way of living that impacts one person and then the next and the one after that and ultimately results in changing you and changing the world.

Do you want to be known for? Kindness? Integrity? Creating something big and lasting? Living life on your terms? Something else altogether? When you have feelings of peace, calm, joy and love this stems from our hearts. In the end, it is really about opening our hearts to our Source which makes everything in life more fulfilling.

Can you be the change that you want to see and become what you dream of becoming?

The great anthropologist Margaret Mead tells us:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

You are here to live on purpose, to give that which is uniquely yours to give. To share what you know and believe and in the process help others live more enlightened, productive and powerful lives

Use your compassionate consideration in everything you do. Bring that message forward. Get cantered and quiet, take a few deep breaths and repeat: I am in a state of soul expansion. And so it is. And so you are.