Open Heart Meditation

Open Heart Meditation and opening our hearts to our True Source, we receive many benefits.  Not only does it make our lives more joyful and fulfilling, but it also improves our spiritual growth.Padmacahaya International

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

~ Helen Keller

There are many varieties of meditation techniques and practices starting from active ones wherever the professional tries to regulate their breath, to focusing the mind, to singing to visual image. There are also different kinds of meditation that are additional and  passive wherever the person simply relaxes and checks out to calm or still their mind of thoughts.

All of these meditation techniques are centered to ease brain activity, which might be difficult to master for those with an energetic mind.

Unlike ancient meditation, Open Heart Meditation™ may be a remarkably easy, nonetheless effective, heart-based focus that’s targeted on “feeling” instead of on brain-oriented visualizations or respiratory techniques, making this technique extremely kinesthetic.

It is about being still and knowing.  Stillness is the essence of mediation and the antithesis of fearful state.  We cannot relax if we are in our mind and then at the same time be at peace in our hearts.  We cannot open ourselves to the flow of divine love when are minds are hindered with noise and  not at rest.

Open Heart Meditation™ is where we can begin to see directly into the truth of life, and fulfill what has been most taught in meditative practices:  to know the truth – the heart is the spiritual core of love of the divine in our lives.  

When we let go of our fearful state by learning to be still, and in that stillness open to the truth, within our hearts, an alignment of deeper reality of life is shown.

Open Heart Prayer and Meditations have guides many to scale back their stress levels and heal themselves on a deep internal level, sanctioning them to cope with higher levels of  emotion and permitting the natural healing method to happen faster.   We here discover the primal power of love as it animates us and connects us directly with the diving.  

This is not a serious practice that involves hard work, creative visualizations or any sort of effort whatsoever.  If it is being done properly it should feel light, gentle, peaceful, effortless…and fun!

Ready to experience the Joy?

Download the audio here – taken from the script from Padmacahaya International

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