Spiral of MindThere is a definite pattern to life and it is a constant graceful curve toward purpose.  If you are like most, you ask yourself questions as you begin to discover the patterns of your nature and of human nature.  The answers to the patterns often come from the heart, not the mind, where we often look first.

An emotional journey that takes us to a point of Why.

Every one of us has a natural process for discovering what and who we are and how to represent ourselves through our work in the world.  Think about your life like the ‘nautilus’ a natural shape of a spiral with many aspects behind you and many ahead of you, yet to come.  Each aspect within the nautilus has an opening and an emerging channel to the aspect next to it.

The nautilus is natural representation of life in our internal world that moves through different phases as we evolve. You outgrow people.  Friends come and go – relationships change – marriages end.  You outgrow the places you live and move to new places into new aspects that make way for the new to emerge.

Life is a quest – a series of discovering patterns and what it means to be human with happiness and satisfaction as a common human goal.  There is a series of questions you can learn from as you look back and examine your life and listen to the questions and answers that emerge from your many experiences.  The secret to living a full alive life is learning how to re frame our life questions over and over again, letting go of what is no longer relevant and taking on new questions guided by our heart.

If you find no joy in your work, you are setting yourself up for the hamster wheel mentality of ‘work’  ‘spend’ work more, spend more.  We all want the best in life.  We want to be happy and to have things that can enrich our experiences yet we strive for these things are often feel unfulfilled. Why?

Who you are being and how you express yourself into the outer world is always reflected back to you.  So if you don’t experience happiness and fulfillment look over your life, take time to reflect on what pleases you and what doesn’t and listen carefully to the questions and answers that come up.  Perhaps what you truly desire is mysteriously calling you to do something else in a way to make your own difference for you to fulfill your own special design. Listen to your own inner callings and wisdom, because you DO have the answers you seek. Truly, you do.