uncertainty cerrtainty paradigmAligning with Ease

Certainty vs Uncertainty   This shows up often when we want to transform the current paradigm.   Certainty shows up when we want to be in control.

We try to avoid the uncertainty by keeping everything under control. So it is our job to reduce uncertainty for ourselves and for those that we work with.   It is to reduce what is unknown.   Otherwise our need to hold on to and control outcomes actually provides the total opposite in effect.

What you are doing in every day every moment is changing the foundation you are standing on.  You are in a period of a new paradigm with so many changes occurring fast furious and often getting unnoticed.

A new paradigm

When do you ever question the way of doing things – e.g. when there is any kind of dispute or if there is argument is your response often on autopilot.  When you speak to someone business about your work or becoming a force to change the world, and get paid to do it; do you renege and go back to what you know as practical and safe.  When you argue for something that is bad and you know is bad; and because it is what is accepted, do you want that to be your truth.  Arguing for what is called the ‘norm’.

It is our belief even though it may be uncomfortable, when we argue, we argue for our own limitations – getting caught in resisting change.   Just one big hold that keeps us clinging to the old paradigm!  SAFE and RISK FREE(!)

Try this:

  • What areas of your life do you need certainty?

  • Where do you feel out of your comfort zone?

  • How do you feel to take a quantum leap in your career?

  • How much money are you prepared to invest in yourself?

  • At what point does the amount of money you invested in yourself feel uncomfortable?

  • When is it not okay for not being all right?

  • Do you ever feel it is not working the way you want it do?

  • Are there feelings of unworthiness or do you feel you have to fit in to be accepted?

  • It is safe to…

  • It is possible to…

  • Will I keep my identity if…?

  • I give myself permission to…

Transform form uncertainty to certainty

Uncertainty will always be there yet it is your task to transform the current paradigm by acceptance to calm the raging storm.   Yes, you want to reduce what is unknown and the only way to do this is to connect to that part that loves chaos rather than the part that is resisting it.

  • Build uncommitted time into your life so you can deal with the unexpected.

  • Allocate time for yourselves and lock it in.

It is easier on your ego to build a nourishing relationship that loves change and uncertainty.

If you can grab into that part than you can bring into your life a fuller wisdom and knowing.

When you know yourself and accept your own place in your world, in your field and in your life, you know you are good enough you can stand apart create the certainty you need with ease.