new paradigm

Our Paradigm is Shifting

Recently in a meeting of my networking group, I listened intently to our presenter who spoke about creating a business strategy, vision, mission, all the steps we need to take to create success in business.

All the words were right, and the ideas sound, yet I felt there was a disconnection inside of what she was saying. I found myself feeling bored and a little impatient. I knew all this already. The business processes we follow are not new, nor is the idea of vision.

But in the last two years, I’ve made a personal discovery that has me seeing things differently – through a new filter. My unique business blueprint has changed, and then changed once again.

What I discovered profoundly which changed my view of the world and how it works, was listening to my mystical adviser.   And, it’s changed my view of how I want to move in that world.

Every single person in my network group knows what they need to do.  Some know how they do it, whether you want to call it their USP or their unique business process or value proposition – whatever name it goes by… very few, people I have found, know why they do what they do from a deeper meaning.

What serves their higher self, their soul purpose, their very reason for being. I’ve come to believe this simple concept explains how some influential people are able to aspire to – and then get – where they want to be while others cannot seem to, try though they may.

The old paradigm ‘to make a profit’ is not what I found to work anymore.  Nor was it to have more freedom just from money(!)

It’s knowing – and acting from – one’s true soul purpose that makes success.  And listening to higher guidance and truth.

We need a new paradigm to follow

  • What is your cause – the one you’d give everything up for?
  • What do you believe in?

And, the biggest question of all:

  • Why were you born, what gifts are you here to bring?

I came to realize that most of the women in my group think, act and communicate from the outside.

What does this mean to communicate from the inside out?

Your soul life purpose is that driving inspiration that keeps your business alive. The energy you expel into the world.

We all want to sit where it is comfortable – why wouldn’t we?

The majority of us will not try something until someone else has tried it first – it’s too scary and much easier to stick with what we know.

To really deeply know your ‘why’, it goes far deeper than a statement – a result or an outcome.

The  world is changing .  A new paradigm showing us what we forgot.  The separation from divine power.  To create and become.

Your inner expression of who you are and what you represent out into the world is a perfect expression of your soul purpose..  People don’t buy what you do; they buy who you are being – and how you show up in the world.

Moreover, if you talk about what you believe for you, you will attract those who believe what you believe.  You will start to inspire those around you and find others too who will inspire them as well.

That’s real networking!