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12 July

We Get What we Think and Feel

We get what we think about and focus on – this is the Law of Attraction.  We live in an abundant universe and what we focus on is what we bring into our lives.  For example, if you desire money and focus on your lack of money, you manifest lack rather than abundance. If you want to find true love in your life and you focus on being lonely, you get what you focus on – loneliness.  Our minds are powerful attractors and we do get what we think about and set our intentions upon.  The work: learning how to use our minds to achieve what we truly desire.

The idea of attracting what we want is a powerful one and seems simple.  Our minds are brilliant ‘machines’ and the truth is we can ‘program’ our minds to work for us, instead of against us.  Your mind working against you shows up looking like negative self-talk, fear, doubt, all of the things that hold us back from our true good and potential.  We spend so much time thinking and we assume that our thoughts come to us unbidden – even if that may be so, we can control what we think and as a result, how we feel and what we manifest.  What shows up in our lives is what we put our focus on.

While we can’t control everything that happens to us, we can control how we respond to what happens to us and that’s when we begin to use the power of our mind.

Here’s some wisdom from Catherine Ponder, from her book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity:

The world is filled with people who are working hard to become more prosperous every day; yet many of them are not becoming prosperous at all.  Why?  Often because they are not thinking about prosperity and success, along with working at it.  Their attitude is not right.  For all the hard work they do that should produce prosperity, they neutralize it by their failure talk, by their association

with failure-minded people and perhaps by their criticism and condemnation of others who are moving up the ladder of success.  They have not realized that there must be and in working of prosperous ideas before there can be an outworking of prosperous results.

We work at business, we work at success, but what are we thinking and expecting while we’re getting that work done?  Do we expect to be successful? Do we focus on the tasks that move us closer to our goals or do we spend time in our comfort zone, doing administrative work instead of promotion for example?  What do you expect to happen?  Because that’s exactly what will happen and you must be clear about your motives and know that you are not working at cross-purposes, putting forth a lot of time and effort, without being a guardian at the gate of your mind, carefully monitoring what you think, what you say, how you act and ultimately, what you manifest.

You can have everything you truly desire, but you need to make a conscious effort to put your focus on what you want and think in the affirmative.  If you want more money and you fall into worry about lack and how you’ll meet expenses and how you’ll ever afford to do a certain thing, change your thinking right then.  Imagine how relieved you’ll feel when you no longer worry.  Get that feeling in your body and ‘memorize’ it.  When worry crops up, switch to the positive feeling instead.

What you’ll find too, is you’ll begin to improve the quality of your life overall.  You’ll be spending your time focusing on things that make you feel good.  Not only will that change what actually manifests for you, you’ll be enjoying your life more, because guess what?  You’ll be spending your time on things that please you instead of things that scare you.  As you improve the quality of your life with the quality of your thoughts, you will start to manifest all that you’re thinking about.  Make sense?  It’s actually a lot of fun and can happen more easily and more quickly than you might imagine.  Step up and step into all the good that is yours!

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