Several possibilitiesWarrior of our Shadows

If we can accept that we are all here to learn, to be and express that which is uniquely ours to express and experience, then it’s easy to take the next step to understand that everything has the potential to teach us the lessons we need to know and to see and understand ourselves in the grand design of it all.

By bringing the troubling feelings and emotions into the light, we learn empathy for the lesson. We can almost see what’s happening to us and for us, in a way that’s not judgmental and allows feelings instead of pushing against them, fighting them and just trying to move instead of stopping to listen and learn.

When we are willing to move away from the autopilot we live on so much of the time, the autopilot we choose to get through that which ‘we must’ do, then we can become consciously aware and gain insight into the direction we are meant to take. The direction that will bring us peace, do us good and put us where we are meant to be.

If you can become an observer of your thoughts and feelings rather than a judge and a critic you can focus on learning and inquiry. Let your thoughts come and go and just watch as if you were seeing from above, or you were someone else observing your behaviour.

Imagine that instead of fighting the voice in your head and trying to fix what’s not working and avoid what feels uncomfortable, see yourself as a cartoon character. Someone going from one incident to the next. When you do that, it removes all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘woulds’ and ‘coulds’ that our mind seems to love to latch onto and go round and round about.

Now, you can see new possibilities – you are removed enough to get the birds-eye view. What if you were open to all of the options in any situation? What if you just let your mind wander down the path of all the options, just studying the menu? You’re not committing to anything at all, but seeing that there are in fact, many possibilities. Maybe none of them suit you. Maybe several do and you don’t know which one you’d rather choose in the moment.

Just by doing that one simple thing you have way more information and openness to possibility than you started with. And that’s such a huge first step. If you can disengage the busy, cranking gears of your mind long enough to look from a different angle, to open yourself to the myriad of possible outcomes – you free yourself – whether or not you DO anything.

You may make a choice or see the right choice in this moment appearing to you out of it all. Now you can accept what you want. It may be easy to do, it may not be, be it is YOURS to do and that’s what matters. And, you’ve given yourself the gift of knowing and awareness.

Here are some things to try out and say:

I can see new possibilities

I am open to all options

I can commit to this new opportunity

It is easy now for me to accept what I want

I am accepting this new journey with love and gratitude

I move forward with ease and grace

And so it. And so you are.

Peace and Love and Light