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Listen to the Open Heart Meditation,   if you do not know what your purpose is or how to find it.

At least you will feel connected to the spirit that you are.

Do this guided meditation to Start Your Day to feel aligned, clear and in flow.

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Check out this treasure box of articles and mediations below when you’re ready for more

You can now access these any time as I will be adding more information on regular basis to help you get on your way.

Here is a treasure box of ideas for you and I hope you love and enjoy these tips, tools and templates that I have created just for you.


Overcoming Fears to Achieve What You Desire

It‟s a human experience to experience fear. Since time began as human beings we have been conditioned to feel fear!


Dark night of the soul

This is a 10 step process -I like this progressive pillars of moving from being in the dark to creating the light .


Are you Running on Autopilot – 7 keys to Avoid Burnout

So how do you avoid nurturing burnout? What are the proactive steps that you can take to prevent (to overcome) burnout?


Release your Inner Genius – Get Un-Stuck

Ideas and Exercises to Release the Creativity in You. The meeting point between what comes naturally for you and our personal passion.


Sabotage the Opposite of Self Care

Your ‘inner saboteur’ loves to tell you ‘leave the dishes, you can do them later.


Power of the Dirty Word “No”

Saying No – Without Guilt – is easier when it is done from a position of thoughtfulness and clarity


12 Steps to Re-designing Your Business

Easy Steps that guide you to follow your passion, and turn your business so you are making more money and having more freedom.


Clarifying Your Values

The key to success will happen when you can work out what is important to you and then spend most of your time, energy and money on those things.


Avatar – Your Ideal Client

6 simple steps to attracting your ideal client; generating awareness; how you introduce yourself to prospects; tell them what you do and how you help them.


Recognising your Gifts

We all have gifts that we bring to the world and talents….BUT what is that we truly deeply desire that drives us to bring these gifts out into the world.


Possibilities are Endless

A Meditation specifically written for women who want to take the first step in turning possibilities into a reality! “I would if I could”– Everything is Possible!


 Ebook The Art of Feminine Power Portrait Sneak Peak

Unlock Your Magnificence A Guide for Spirited Women Who Want to Make a Difference


Using EFT for Overwhelm

Tapping can help you change resistance and procrastination into insight and creativity… with renewed inspiration and direction for your day

I’d like to invite you to take the time and see if there maybe something special here for you or that you may be looking for that I can create for you or any challenges you may be having in your life or your business.

Whether you are a someone who has a passion, wants to manifest some desire or just want to nut out whatever is frustrating, frazzling or freakin’ you out because you are struggling alone- now is the time take advantage of this 

Supporting sensitive women who seek to embrace a higher purpose path to a life of peace,  joy, success  and fulfillment

I am grateful you are here and I am looking forward to getting to know more about you AND look out for my monthly articles to inspire and encourage you along your higher purpose path.

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