Alignment with your Heart Energy


The Way of Healing

Soul Purpose Coaching is beyond just normal life coaching.  This is a guided in ward journey to the deepest wellspring of your Divine Core Center in order to touch the sacred space within you.  This type of  coaching allows you to tap into your sagest spiritual Divine Core.  Your Divine Core Center is here to guide, direct and send you exactly the direction, messages and energy you need at every given moment.   This is your expression of the blessed essence of who you really are,  more than you could even think or ask for.


Opening your Heart

Wisdom and Power of our Heart Energy –  Four session over four weeks

Trusting yourself doesn’t just mean following your heart.

It a means that your essence is so permanent in you, so powerful and glowing, that it’s always there.

You will learn something new, and your essence can, with a little bit of time, help you digest and integrate it into something that is truly you.

Windows of Our Consciousness and Way of Our Will

  • Heart and Its Role

  • Re-experience past feelings of caring and appreciation

  • Tuning into our Heart’s code

Receiving Your Most Precious Gift

  • A Hassled Brain Slow Us Down

  • Making Contact with Your Heart

  • Making Contact with Others Hearts


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