Awaken your Creative Soul

The Soul

Soul Purpose Coaching is beyond just normal life coaching.  This is a guided in ward journey to the deepest wellspring of your Soul’s Calling.    This type of  coaching allows you to tap into your sagest spiritual self of knowing.   The soul is the keeper of your purpose, and is charged with your growth and development.    The Soul is responsible for steering you along your path.

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Awaken  your Creative Soul

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When  you awaken your creative soul starts with removing limiting beliefs, and  judgments.   This is because our beliefs can  hinder our progress to move forward.  If you can change your beliefs at the level where it really matters — subconsciously — everything you see and experience in your life will change

  • Remove areas you feel are blocked, slowed down without any forward motion.

  • Understand past patterns of defeat and fears to healing and self discovery

  • Release and heal old emotional traumas and wounds

  • Uncovering core wounds and helping them to heal in transition

  • Find self acceptance and empower yourself to create the life you truly desire

Awaken Your Creative Soul

Phase 1: Initial consult to learn more about you, your desire, goals and aspirations.  To determine if soul coaching is appropriate for you and will it work for you.

Phase 2: Working around challenges – We will concurrently work at building up your confidence in the talents you already have. Yet more importantly, the talents you have yet to discover. This helps heal the  challenges that show up. During this phase, we will dive deeper into your past life patterns, both to enhance expertise, and transform challenges. As you strike down the voice of the Ego , you begin to gain more confidence.  Develop a deeper belief in yourself and what you are here to do

Phase 3:  Understanding the Dark Matrix- Working with negative beliefs and behavioral patterns stopping you from innovative creativity.  Break through self-sabotage and lack of love which has brought feelings of guilt, fear and shame.

Phase 4 Working more closely with your sacred wounds – your soul’s journey to current time.  Energy healing, golden ray activation and the chalice of heart energy.    We will also work with the integration of divided selves.  You will have a clear understanding of how your struggles, pains, traumas, challenges, and harsh life experiences are your greatest gift to the world.    Based upon that premise, you will have a clear or clearer understanding of your Soul Purpose. This bring to you in truth your Blessing and Message impacting the lives around you.

Phase 5: Presence and transformation – this involves further clearing working with a powerful process to remove negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings and programs.  We will work with statements and prayers with further energy healing and mediations.

Phase 6:  Ready to download –  You have cleared whatever has been blocking and causing you pain to create the life you want.  This involves us working together to connect with the voice of  your  higher self  and  understand your path at a soul level. This is about downloading positive frequencies and learning about your soul’s messages with clarity and confidence of its truth.

You will receive

  • Sessions via Zoom, Phone or Skype

  • Meditations and energy healing

  • Recordings with eBooks on various relevant topics to support your development to achieve your desired outcome

  • Continual mentoring and healing when on line or not.

  • Weekly Sacred Accountability journal to be submitted at the end of each week.

  • Two sessions per month for three months 60 – 90 minutes (payment plans available)

  • Unlimited email support

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